8 Blessings of GODDESS LAKSHMI Wealth Money Abundance Power TALISMAN


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 Have you ever felt that you were about to find the answer to a vital question you have been asking ?

Goddess Lakshmi has called you here for a reason.

In today's media driven mass hysteria of 'poverty consciousness' and  'lack', Goddess Lakshmi has ALWAYS blessed her devotees with the material comforts of life.

 Consciousness can never be impoverished.

You cannot exhaust the Divine.

Regardless of what everyone says must be your experience and lot in life,YOU can freely choose to give yourself the lucky break you deserve. 

 "Yet in this body there is another, a transcendental enjoyer, who is the Lord, the supreme proprietor, who exists as the overseer and permitter, and who is known as the Supersoul."

Bhagavad-gita (13.23)

*Lakshmi is the Goddess of opulent wealth and unbounded prosperity, both material

and spiritual. Her Omnipotent and Omnipresent powers bring wealth and prosperity

to those who call upon and respect Her.

*The petitioner of Goddess Lakshmi will NEVER lack money and material comfort

for herself or her family. Can you imagine the peace of mind this will bring?

 *Adi Lakshmi (The primal mother goddess)

*Dhanalakshmi (One who showers wealth)

*Dhanyalakshmi (Food – one who eliminates hunger)

*Gajalakshmi (Power and Strength)

*Santan Lakshmi (Children)

*Veera Lakshmi (Courage and Strength)

*Vijaya Lakshmi (Victory)

*Vidya Lakshmi (Wisdom and knowledge)

 Lakshmi is the embodiment of God's exalted spiritual feminine energy,  or the Param Prakriti, which empowers, purifies and uplifts you. 

There is always hope for you for this very reason

Goddess Lakshmi will protect you from all kinds of misery and money-related sorrows, which is why she has called to you in response to your seeking. 

+++Divine synchronicity+++

This ritual offering was consecrated with this end in mind, by direct leading from the Goddess herself.

Now is your opportunity.

This special 8 Blessings of Lakshmi ritual-working  covers every detail of the auspicious emanations of the Goddess of Fortune.

Over 5 nights, a series of sacred mantras are repeated for you as your special Talisman vessel is bathed in the energies of a rare Mahalakshmi Money yantra.

Each night we will perform a complete Mahalakshmi wealth ceremony for you using Sacred ingredients dear to the heart of Bhudevi.

 If you are ready for change, then make this investment in yourself and connect with an Eternal Divine Source of lasting Prosperity and Spiritual Blessings.

Your life will never be the same, and neither should it be.

Goddess Lakshmi will honor your determination and belief in yourself.

We are truly honored to serve you with this sacred offering and connect you with this beautiful energy. 

8 Blessings of GODDESS LAKSHMI Wealth Money Abundance Power Pendant TALISMAN
is made of 100% Sterling Silver and Beautiful Amethyst
This is smaller delicate pendant.
Very Ethereal.
About 1.5" x 0.75"
Comes with a premium quality 22" stainless steel ensorcelled chain.