ARADIA MISTRESS OF MAGICK~Inner Transformation-Spiritual Wisdom/Knowledge Spellbound Ruby Snake Pendant

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ARADIA The Mistress of Magic is  a wise woman the Weaver of Magicks and the walker between the worlds .

Aradia is invoked for rights of magick worship and transformation. She can be called on in any of her individual forms for nearly all types of magical workings.

She can help open the doors to astral travel and otherworldly Journeys in ritual meditation or during the dream state.

Petitioning her can lend power to your rights and may help you tap into your own in a power for your magical workings and ritual observances.


:::OPEN all doors to the desires and blessings you seek
:::UNLOCK the Wisdom, Health, Knowledge and Wealth of Infinite Universal Energy.
:::Remove the barriers to your Total Well-Being. 
:::Banish the darkness and dispel negative energies for a Total Life Blessings

Whatever is holding you back and keeping you down will be removed and rendered powerless to return.
Aradia The Mistress of Magick stimulates and magnetizes ALL Desires to you.


All that has been denied you in the past will be attracted to you. Once commanded it must come to you. 

The Ruby is the stone of Nobility and vibrates with the energy of pure success and accomplishment. 

Intense lucid magically encoded energies are always working for you day and night.

These royal powers protect and empower you even while you sleep.

They are always working for you, advancing your personal kingdom and attracting everything you want.

The energy of the Ruby is intense and Vivid bringing Lucidity to the dream state and conveying understanding and control of the role and action of the mental state upon the Physical Realm.

The Ruby encourages one to follow bliss.

It is said that Ruby will light the darkness of one's life , giving birth to a spark of Light which will progress throughout the body and spirit conquering Darkness on all levels.

The energy can assist one in changing one's world, promoting creativity and expensiveness in awareness and manifestation.

This impressive pendant is made of Genuine Sterling Silver and 18K Gold
and features Genuine Ruby Stones and large number of Quartz Crystals.
Comes with a beautiful shimmering 22" 100% Sterling Silver chain pictured