Astonishing Dream Voyager Shamans Mantle of Magick: Power on Demand

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Have you ever dreamed of entering a mystical timeless realm where magick is the Source of All Existence ?

Introducing the Dream Voyager Shamans Mantle of Magick 

*Explore Alternate Dimensions of Untold Beauty and Mystery Through Lucid Dreaming

*Awaken Unlimited Spiritual Vitality and Power

 *Experience Profound Metaphysical Power that Transcends Space and Time.

This Ensorcelled talisman ring awakens the power you have forgotten was yours to begin with.

The Power to live your dreams now.

Unlimited in possibility!

Emanates a sacred space which allows you to move supernatural energies which crystallize into the manifestation of your dreams on the physical plane.

Accelerates your personal magick abilities using the most advanced ancient technology.

Authentic Shaman crafted, one of a kind antique magickal vessel.

Sterling Silver with turquoise and red coral gemstones and coyote tooth, all ceremonially blessed to awaken you in the dream . 

SIZE 10.