Quartz is one of the most powerful and versatile stones that have strong healing properties. With that said, it is no wonder that Cherry-Quartz is considered one of the best gemstones amongst healers. What’s more, it is named as the divine love stone.

Why You Should Use Cherry-Quartz

This stone is capable of promoting a healthy balance which will keep you grounded and at the same time centered.

Further, it absorbs, releases, regulates, and stores your life energies.

Cherry-Quartz is known as the charger stone that brings back the rhythm and energy of your life. The crystal will retune both energetic and physical energies as well as bring back the balance you’ve lost.

In addition, Cherry-Quartz will promote drive and action to your life. It’ll boost energy and activity to keep the vibrations in your life high.

The deep and rich color of this crystal embodies a great quantity of energy, vitality, and strength. With the help of this stone, you will feel the flow in your individual power and more importantly, you’ll be augmenting it to the whole world. 

Cherry-Quartz will also infuse you with energetic eagerness. As a result, you’ll be eager to go and try new and different things. This stone will also offer you confidence as well as the courage to accomplish both your professional and personal goals.

With its energies, nothing will stop you from achieving your dreams and goals.

Nevertheless, this stone will aid you to survive physical exhaustion and lethargy while energizing your spirit, body, and mind.

For Wealth

The stone’s energies attract energies of prosperity as well as success in business fronts and career. Cherry-Quartz will also bring confidence and clarity most especially to your financial circumstances.

With the help of this amazing stone, you will surely have a clearer vision about your financial objectives and more importantly, you’ll know how to turn them into reality.   

This stone will also amplify your intents to the world in order for you to attain your goals more rapidly. During unexpected or hectic situations, Cherry-Quartz will keep you calm so that you’ll have a presence of mind and end up with the right decisions.

For Relationship and Love

This stone is one of the effective healers for emotive wounds. Cherry-Quartz will kindle the heart energy and offer you the feeling of genuine loving environments.

It also helps in diffusing strong emotions such as fear, jealousy, tension, and anger. Instead, it replaces such emotions with serenity, calm, and peace.

This stone is also beneficial for those who have a sad and weak heart because Cherry-Quartz strengthens the weak and support the strong.

This stone promotes or forgiveness. Anyone or anything that caused you anger or pain before will be forgiven and forgotten. In fact, it’ll make you apprehend that life is very short to be held on such harmful and negative emotions. Nevertheless, Cherry-Quartz brings new hope into your relationship.

This is a truly incredible Cherry Quartz Talisman. 

The total size is about 5.5" long x over 1" wide.

It is set and wrapped in 18K GOLD plated brass.

with beautiful detailing of Magical Phoenix Bird.


Comes with a double soft brown leather cord.


Great as an Altar piece or for meditation.