Now is your time of Ascension.

An inner-galactic journey into the dimensions of highest spiritual energies of Blue Ray Archangel protection and love.

.:Profound Spiritual Connection to the Celestial Temple:.

.:Highest Vibrational Karmic Healing Frequencies:. 

.:Harmonizes and Opens your Souls Pure Potentialities:.

.:Experience Deep Connection to Infinite Compassion and Grace:.

.:Unlock Your Inner Splendor and be a Manifestation of Transformative Life Changing Energies:.

.:Release the Change You Want To See in the world around you:.

Be an Emissary of Light 

An Agent of the Infinite

Ascend to your Calling

This is Your Moment. 

* The Atlantean Star Goddess awaits.*

Beautifully handcrafted Sterling Silver pendant set with 7 Rhodolite stones and a Blue Sapphire surrounded by quartz crystals.
Unique, exquisite and charming light weight pendant.
Measures approx. 2" long x 1/2" wide.
22" Solid Sterling Silver chain pictured is included.