Barakah The Bringer of Blessings Djinn Spellbound Vessel


Unveil the secrets of ancient prosperity and protection with the "Barakah – The Bringer of Blessings Djinn Pendant."

This exquisite talisman is a conduit to the legendary Barakah, a Djinn renowned for bestowing wealth, harmony, and fortuity upon those it favors.

At the heart of the pendant lies a mesmerizing green gemstone, said to be the eye of Barakah, through which the Djinn gazes into our world.

The stone's deep emerald hue symbolizes the verdant growth and vitality that Barakah can infuse into your life.

Encircling this central oasis of abundance are intricate patterns of smaller stones, twinkling like stars – clear crystals for clarity and red gems for vigor, each meticulously set within the lustrous gold copper frame.

To wear this pendant is to carry a fragment of the Djinn's might, to invite a cascade of blessings and to wrap oneself in the protective embrace of Barakah's watchful presence.


Center Stone: faceted green gemstone

Surrounding Stones: Red, gtreen and clear crystals symbolizing energy and purity

Metal: Gold-toned copper setting with detailed filigree work

Chain: 22" Gold Plated Stainless Steel chain.

Whether you seek the touch of fortune's hand or the warmth of protective charms, let the "Barakah – The Bringer of Blessings Djinn Pendant" be your talisman on the journey through life's mysteries.

Secure your connection to the ancient world of Djinn and let the blessings flow.

Pendant measures apprx. 3" with bail x 2" wide.