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1)  Black Mystic Skull treasure pouch.This edgy magic skull treasure pouch keeps your secrets.TOTAL SIZE 9" x 5".Black color with white skull. Zipper closure. Waterproof.
2) Mystic 4 Skulls and Garnet Stone ring. BLACK GOLD plated.Size 7. Comes with the red storage box pictured.
3) SPIRITUAL ENERGY AMPLIFIER FEATHER DREAMCATCHER ~ Red Color. About 9"-10" long total with feathers. Ring diameter by itself is 3".
4) BLACK/BROWN AGATE with white stripes PENDANT. Beautiful shape and color. About 2.5" x 1.25" wide. Comes with a black  soft suede cord. Black Agate seeks to balance the energy in their environments and to input positive energy according to their color. Black agates are good for sustaining positive energy, balancing out and removing negative energies.
5) ARCHANGEL ZADKIEL talisman.Gold colored. About 1.25". Zadkiel helps us see the Divine light within ourselves and others, instead of focusing on the surface personality, behavioral mistakes, or the ego.
7) Chinese good luck mini coin to attract good luck and money.
8) Three magickal large tumbled stones pictured. Sizes vary from 1.5" to over 2". 
8) Three  holographic Tarot Cards- Queen of Swords, Ace of Wands, Ace of Pentacles.
9) Two tealights dressed with herbs and gemstones.