"Eternal Blessings of Goddess Kwan Yin" PINK AND WHITE AGATE NECKLACE for Self-Love, Happiness, Security and Comfort

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With its deep pink vibration, pink agate activates the opening of your heart chakra to allow love to enter. There are many sensual feelings that naturally arise when the heart centre opens. With this stone in hand, use breath and discipline to harness the sensual energy for the higher good of all.
Pink agate can help you to balance your emotions, thereby increasing your emotional maturity. The color of this stone is a reminder of the Divine Mother within, who hears and knows truth and accepts you unconditionally. This stone amplifies retribution, both positive and negative. Make use of the energy to amplify your intention through your heart and thymus to project love into all your thoughts, goals and actions. 
It effects the heart like a stone thrown into a pool, sending rings and ripples radiating out to heal old pain, heals despair, heartache, and heart pain layer by layer. It replaces pain with joy, heart healing and heart warming. Pink agate calms, comforts and provides security. It eases stress, promotes unconditional love for others and the understanding that you are loveable.
Pink agate offers positive self image.
Pink agate promotes love between parent and child. Position over the heart for optimum effect. 
The mental energy, associated with pink agate align the consciousness with the Feminine Christ. This energy embodies compassion, nurturing and great wisdom.
Through meditation on the thymus area (above the heart and below the throat), you can begin to grasp the difference between information, knowledge and wisdom with pink agate. Strive for wisdom, and the information and knowledge will always be available to you.
Pink agate reminds you to be receptive to your intuition and accept the part of you that is able to hold a vision and imagine a better way of life for all beings. Archetypes for this energy are Mother Mary, Kuan Yin, Isis and Mary Magdalene.
Use this agate to awaken your awareness of your spiritual purpose. 
THIS AMAZING PINK AND WHITE AGATE PENDANT MEASURES 3" with bail x 2.25". It is wrapped in 18K Gold. Hangs beautifully on a 32" handknotted shimmering gun metal, silver and gold gemstone beads necklace.