Blood Moon Vampire Pranic Elixir of Glamour and Enchantment Spellbound Charm


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Immerse yourself in the alluring world of Vampire Magick with the mesmerizing Red Glass Egg Charm Pendant. Encased within a sterling silver cage, this enchanting pendant holds a secret of primal energy and mystic allure. Adorned with glistening hematite crystals, it emanates an aura of dark elegance and seductive power.

The Red Glass Egg, symbolizing transformation and rebirth, carries the essence of the Vampire Pranic Elixir of Glamour and Enchantment. This elixir taps into the primal forces of the vampire realm, channeling their captivating energy and supernatural charm. As you wear this pendant, you become a vessel for this potent elixir, allowing it to awaken your inner charisma and allure.

The combination of the crimson glass and hematite crystals invokes a magnetic attraction, drawing others towards you with an irresistible pull. The sterling silver cage acts as a conduit, amplifying the energies within and radiating them outwards. It is a talisman of empowerment, enhancing your confidence and granting you access to the secrets of ancient vampiric wisdom.

Embrace the Vampire Pranic Elixir of Glamour and Enchantment as it courses through your veins, infusing you with a heightened sense of allure and mystery. Allow its transformative power to awaken your inner seductress or seducer, enabling you to command attention and captivate those around you.

With the Red Glass Egg Charm Pendant, you hold the key to unlocking your inner vampire essence, embracing the darkness within, and embracing the art of enchantment. Experience the magick and allure of the vampire realm as it intertwines with your mortal existence, empowering you to embody the essence of glamour and seduction.


Crimson Red Glass Egg Charm Encased within a sterling silver cage with hematite crystals.

Approx. size 1" with bail x 0.5" wide.

22" Black Stainless Steel chain pictured is included.