Celestial Bodhisattva Negative Energy Neutralizer Invincible Protection Wealth Luck Attractor Amulet


Immediate Protection!
Radiates instant and limitless protection over every person, place and condition through the frequency of unbounded cosmic power.


Neutralizes all the parasitic dark energy that seeks to replicate itself in your life.

All of the greasy, low-energy junk that is trying to drag you down is kept out of your personal orbit, keeping your energy clean and pure.

The Celestial Bodhisattva fights tirelessly for your sacred peace of mind and security at all times. 

Secret Bonus Attribute:

Release blocks to wealth attraction  when you clear your energy

Wealth and Luck begins to Attract itself to you when the negativity is dissolved.

Vibrating with Cosmic Power.

Begins to work for you immediately. 

Stunning and substantial hand-crafted amulet of sterling silver and genuine precious gemstone inlays-Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, Coral, Green Malachite and Mother of Pearl.

1.77" in diameter, 0.25" thick. 

Premium Quality Stainless Steel chain is included.

NOTE: Does not have to be worn to work for you. Full easy to follow instructions provided.