Cleopatra’s Mirror Platinum Spellwork +Confidence +Attractiveness +Respect



:::This spell is for the woman or man that wants to be absolutely captivating in regards to how they look and how they act:::

:::You will no longer be awkward, lack poise, or lack style:::

These talents will fall into your lap with ease, all you need to do is say the 2 line incantation that you will be given,

and a courage, style, and attractiveness boost will carry you through the night.

Mantras are personally crafted for each person for effectiveness and will be sent via email. 

Platinum spells are triple cast, meaning three witches work to cast the spell for you, giving it triple strength.

They also may have multiple stages of casting, and are long lasting and life altering spells. 


Cleopatra’s Mirror Platinum Spellwork

+|Confidence +|Attractiveness +|Respect

.:Mystic Spellbound Pendant:.

This incredibly beautiful pendant is made of Sterling Silver with 18K Gold accents
It is set with a beautiful pearl in the center with garnet stone above it.
Encrusted with multifaceted beautifully shimmering hematite crystals and quartz crystals,
which stand out against the setting. 
Pendant size is a little over 1.5" long x over 0.5" wide
It comes with a magnificent Sterling Silver chain that is set with numerous ethereal blue crystals all over the chain.
The chain is 31" long and has 18 crystals. The chain is so beautiful it can be worn by itself as well.