Cult of the Illuminati:~Vessel of the Secret Masters Money Power Spellbound Ring


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Just try to imagine, for a moment, that it's a month from today and your are living the life you know you were destined for.

Everything You've Ever Wanted From Life Can Now Be Yours through the Grand Masters of the Illuminati.

You will bend the stream of reality that surrounds you through the unfathomable supernaturalism of this incredible offering.

Allow yourself to imagine drifting back to a time when magic was a powerful shaping force in society. 

Have you ever felt you were a part of this?

As you pay close attention to this quote, let yourself go back and experience the power: 

 "Life is what we make it, and the world is what we make it. The eyes of the cheerful and of the melancholy man are fixed upon the same creation; but very different are the aspects which it bears to them. To the one, it is all beauty and gladness; the waves of ocean roll in light, and the mountains are covered with day. Life, to him, flashes, rejoicing, upon every flower and every tree that trembles in the breeze. There is more to him, everywhere, than the eye sees; a presence of profound joy on hill and valley, and bright, dancing water. The other idly or mournfully gazes at the same scene, and everything wears a dull, dim, and sickly aspect. The murmuring of the brooks is a discord to him, the great roar of the sea has an angry and threatening emphasis, the solemn music of the pines sings the requiem of his departed happiness; the cheerful light shines garishly upon his eyes and offends him. The great train of the seasons passes before him like a funeral procession; and he sighs and turns impatiently away. The eye makes that which it looks upon; the ear makes its own melodies and discords; the world without reflects the world within.” ~ Albert Pike Grand Mason Scottish Rite

  Here is just a small portion of the benefits you'll see, feel and hear: 

* Prolong Youth *

* Protection of enhanced psycho-spiritual powers *

* Telepathically communicate at extreme distances *

* Tap directly into the hidden domain of unlimited universal of energy to influence your life, health, business, relationships...there are no limits but the ones you argue for *

* Master astral projection *

* Activate your chakras *

* Instantly Increase the force your aura *

* Access higher dimensional realities to learn profound hidden knowledge *

Bend the stream of reality that surrounds

you. Become the outcome you envision and shatter

all misconceptions of ignorance and achieve

absolute fulfillment.


"Every man has the power, and should use it, to make all situations, trials, and temptations instruments to promote his virtue and happiness; and is so far from being the creature of circumstances, that he creates and controls them." ~ Albert Pike  


 In an instant, your life can change dramatically for the better.

We have done all of the incredibly complex ritual work for you here.

By simply holding this magically charged vessel for a few minutes each day you will begin to experience profound and positive changes in your life and circumstances.

Your desires will be strangely Magnetized and pulled to you with ease and little effort.

Upon your purchase you will  receive this specially chosen vessel that is energetically linked to you through a transference ritual.

All of the above mentioned abilities and more will be yours to walk through life with Divine certainty.

This vessel will be individually consecrated
and sanctified in your name to bind and seal its potent energies to only you.
18K Gold Plated Stainless Steel