Divine Wisdom of Sophia Inner Light Initiator Follow Your Star


“I am the Queen, source of thought, Knowledge itself. You do not know Me, yet you dwell in me.” 


Now is the time to awaken your personal power. You must have the ability to live with personal power and self-choice and not just exist at the whims of circumstance.

It is time to awaken your inner wisdom and live with peace of mind and purpose. This is more important now than it has ever been.

The power of Sophia will energize you to connect with and activate your energetic pathways of divine expression.

Spirit energy is power.

It is good and it enriches every part of your life.

Sophia is the secret pathway to living in wholeness and unrestricted freedom.

Her self-affirming wisdom bestows an ever-increasing mastery over your own life.

Sophia births spirit into material form.

Through the power of this ritualized talisman, you will be able to see your deepest desires also move into physical form on the material dimension. 

You will be empowered to increase your:

Wisdom and Knowledge

Aura Strength

Personal Power

Sacred Energy Centers

Positive Mindset

Visualization Powers

Memory and Intelligence

Connection to Source Energy

Expression of Creativity

Mental Acuity

Inner Stability

Peace of Mind

High Vibrational Attractiveness

Co-Creative Powers of Manifestation 

This magnificently mesmerizing talisman has been ritually consecrated for your immediate benefit. 

Made of Sterling Silver and 18K Gold. Features Genuine Rubies and is fully covered in beautifully shimmering Quartz Crystals.

Measures approx. 2.5" length x 0.75" wide.