Forbidden Astral Mirror of the Necromancer Labradorite Sphere Portal


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 Necromancer (AI art) by 3D1viner on DeviantArt

The Necromancer beckons you forth to traverse the realms forbidden to mere mortals. Travel the astral highways to see , taste, and touch the untamable powers of darkness. The Astral Mirror of the Necromancer is the key to the realms of unearthly powers. In the space between dimensions you will find the answers you seek to complete manifestation.
You will be empowered to move amongst the denizens of the most heavily guarded realms of the most forbidden magick imaginable. These are realms beyond time and space. Far beyond the fourth dimension. You will travel to realms where the known laws of physics no longer apply. Everything you seek can be found here so we will not limit the description of what is possible for you when you wield this exclusive power.

As the Astral Mirror, the Labradorite sphere serves as a portal to the hidden realms of the Necromancer, guiding your consciousness through the veils of reality and into the unknown depths of the astral plane. It amplifies your intuition, psychic abilities, and connection to the supernatural, allowing you to access the untamable powers of darkness that lie beyond the confines of ordinary perception.

The sphere's captivating appearance invites you to gaze upon its surface, opening the doorway to the astral highways and uncharted dimensions. As you peer into the depths of the Labradorite sphere, you'll find yourself enveloped in its mesmerizing energies, transporting you to realms where the known laws of physics no longer apply, and the answers to your deepest desires await.

Your necromancer ritual includes  this fully ensorcelled Labradorite sphere on a brass stand as pictured to immediately activate its powers.

Sphere size is approx. 2.5" in diameter on a vintage brass stand 10" tall.