Goddess Moneta More Money Magic Gold Quartz Crystal Talisman

$167.00 $222.00

Magically release a tidal wave of unstoppable blessings into your life.

Divine Mystic powers of wealth creation for more money to obtain what you want and need.

It's powers are astonishing. 

Attract money, receive money as you increase your prosperity luck.

Through the powers of Goddess Moneta you can change your fate and experience the impossible.

The Goddess imparts the secrets of fast wealth to give you the shortcuts to riches.

Dream the answers to bring irresistible good fortune when all else has failed.

Triple blessed to banish the debt of bad luck and release the prosperity you seek.

This treasured luxuriously handcrafted talisman is a Quartz Crystal set in metal overlayed in 18K GOLD PLATED BRASS.

It features beautiful green Fluorite crystal in the center.

This is a substantial size pendant.

Total size is 2.5" with bail x 0.75" wide.

Fluorite crystal in the center is about 0.25".

This necklace comes with Premium Quality 18K GOLD plated  PLATED Stainless Steel chain, 3mm thick.