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The highest level djinn wealth magick ever offered outside of the inner circle.

Brought back by popular demand.

Get ready. Have you ever imagined: the $$ thoughts $$ of your mind become the reality of your life. Immediately the impossible becomes possible. This is the power of the merovingian djinn. Get ready to taste the good life. At this level of high magick anything you can desire will be provided to you.

The right money magick codes are essential, and you will possess them with this djinn.

The mystic powers of the merovingian dragon djinn break through all that has tried to block your financial/monetary success.

History has proven this to be true.

This startling merovingian djinn will work tirelessly every day to ensure your wealth is multiplying in your life with effortless ease. This djinn is "Gifted" to surround you with opulence and comfort. This is why you must be sure you can handle this high level of magickal power. You have seen how many suddenly blessed with opulent wealth aren't able to feel themselves worthy and keep the money-consciousness attached to them. So you must ask yourself if you feel you really are ready to live at this new level of profound wealth and riches. If so, get ready to see the defeat of everything that has held you back.

How would you feel with these benefits:

:::Money magnetized to you wherever you go:::

:::Start your own highly successful business and break free from the rat race once and for all:::

:::Choose extremely wise investments ( a special gifting of this djinn) that multiply your money while you sleep:::

:::Have your money protected from the envious and deceitful:::

This ultra rare djinn will "Hide" your wealth from thieves and "Extract" payment from them by making them pay sevenfold back to you.

As you consider the immense wealth manifesting expertise of this rare djinn, do you think that you are ready to rule the game of life and handle the responsibilities that come with uncommon wealth and power?

We reserve the right to remove this at any time should the djinn communicate this intention. He does not share his power with just anyone and is already speaking to someone he desires to richly bless. This level of power is for the most extreme situations and should only be used by someone who "Knows", yes "Knows" they are destined for financial greatness.

Money is "Speed" fast energy. Act quickly if you are the one as this dedication is highly favored by the djinn.

You will receive the stunning merovingian dragon djinn vessel. You can keep it in the charging bag, wear it or carry it on you, or both. We have done all of the complex djinn magick rituals for you. All you need to do is get ready for a new infusion of endless wealth now.

Full instructions and djinn name included in your order.


His vessel is this STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL very unique handcrafted Sterling Silver and 18K Gold filled pendant with Smoky Quartz gemstones.
Approx. size 1.25" plus bail. 22" . Sterling Silver 18K Gold plated chain pictured is included.