⛤SHADOW EQUINOX⛤of the WITCH QUEEN HECATE Supernatural Transformation Ritual⛤


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 We invite you to join us for a profound night of supernatural transformation as we meet at the altar of the Witch Queen Hecate.

The coming Equinox Sept. 21-23 is one of Balance, when Night  and Day are equal, Darkness and Light exist within and outside of us, one fuels and enhances the other in an equilibrium of Darkness and Light. This is expressed in the magnificence of Queen  Hecate. She is all-encompassing. Light and Dark, Life and Death in a primordial gnosis of balance and harmony. 

The Autumn or Harvest Moon symbolizes that ending of a cycle, when HECATE becomes manifest as  the Goddess of the Dark Earth and Black Moon.

HECATE is the Greek goddess of witchcraft, sorcery, and the dead. She is the daughter of Chaos and Erebus, the twin sons who are the parents of all things. She is also the goddess of crossroads, thresholds, and the threshold between the worlds. She is the ruler of the underworld and the gatekeeper of Hades. She is the goddess of the dead, and the queen of the witches. She is the goddess of the harvest, and the goddess of fertility. Key-keeper of the Shadowed Path. This will be the perfect time to clear away the blockages that have slowed you down and open the door to new possibilities.  These are the desires most sought when you arrive at the crossroads of life, seeking a new direction to reclaim your destiny.

Energized by the power of the triple Witch Blood. The power of mystical transformation through death ( to the old) and rebirth ( to the new).

The Shadow Equinox of the Witch Queen opens the door to a place of powerful balance in your life, a place where you stand with firmness of resolve and fiery intent of the heart, unmoved by the shifting sands of the world around you. In short, a pathway to your awakening as a powerful magical individual.

 You will also receive an exclusive, specially ensorcelled and consecrated during the ceremony, magickal talisman directly linked to the Equinox of The Witch Queen Ritual which will be aligned to you using planetary correspondences , ceremonial invocations and infused with the essence of special resinous incense and herbs especially prepared for this occassion.
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