Illuminoids of Sirius B LOGOS GATEWAY


Sold Out

The Secret Chiefs exist in a place that is quite literally a parallel universe. It is a universe that is a mirror image of the universe that the rest of us live in. This means that the Secret Chiefs are connected to the rest of us, but they do not interact with us. This is how they have been able to keep their existence a secret for so long. It is important to note that the Illuminoids of Sirius B Logos Gateway is a gateway that is not in the physical universe. It is a gateway that is in a parallel universe. This means that it is not in the same universe as the rest of us. The Illuminoids of Sirius B Logos Gateway is a gateway that allows the Secret Chiefs to connect to the rest of us. It is a gateway through which alternate dimension is accessed. In other words, it is a gateway that allows the Secret Chiefs to interact with the rest of us. There are now a number of people who are connecting to the Secret Chiefs through this gateway. This is why there are now people who are contacting the Secret Chiefs. 

+Your chakras and magnetic centers will receive an intensification of their vibratory energy.

+Your life purpose will be illumined and your spiritual growth will be accelerated.

+You will receive the transmission of the Third Eye of the Secret Chiefs. And as you evolve spiritually, your Earthly life will be enhanced.

+Your physical body will be empowered and you will be able to manifest your own destiny.

+Your mind will be raised to a higher level of consciousness and you will be able to create a reality of your own choosing

+You will be able to communicate with the Secret Chiefs in your own language. You will be able to receive direct guidance and answers to your questions.

+You will be able to access the wisdom of the ages and the knowledge of the ages.

+You will be able to tap into the collective consciousness of the human race. You will be able to assist in the evolution of Earth.


 A stunning 2 1/2 inch heavy Sterling silver and Black Obsidian pendant which serves as the astral gateway to the Secret Chiefs. This is a beautifully handcrafted piece infused with the vibratory energy of the Secret Chiefs, thus acting as a Key to their realm which will be instantly recognized, allowing you access. This is our last remaining Gateway, and we recommend you act fast if this call from the Secret Chiefs connects with you.