Lovingly accepted gateway between Djinn Kingdom Zoroas and our dimensional frequency.

Beautifully Handcrafted and Ritually Cleansed and Opened to be a conduit passageway to call upon the Djinn.

Charged with vibrationally aligned stunningly beautiful  gemstone Djinn Spirit housing Portal.

This absolutely amazing DJINN PORTAL has been magically empowered by to bring complete and unlimited POSITIVE manifestations into your life.

Only the GOOD you seek can come to you through this Portal.

Exudes Absolute Magickal Positivity!

Simply wear it or keep it in your house, wherever you choose. We will share the mystical secrets of its use with fortunate buyer. You will be AMAZED. The RESULTS speak for themselves. This is for the individual who unashamedly desires an “EDGE” in life. Once you receive your handcrafted Djinn Kingdom Portal , it will be ready to use. We align it to you beforehand to bring you quick and easy results.  You will receive a special set of written instructions on how to powerfully use your new Djinn attractor. The incredible energies and synchronicities which will permeate and penetrate your being will conjure pure bliss! The secrets we will share with you will allow you to have an uncommon LUCKY STAR that follows you wherever you go.

Prepare to receive the SECRETS OF KINGS dear friend.

We look forward to serving you with this ancient power unimaginable.

STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL rare and unique handcrafted Sterling Silver and 18K Gold gemstone pendant with genuine RUBY in the center and hematite and quartz crystals.
Approx. size 3.25" (with bail)  x over 1.75" wide.
Has crystals on the bail as well.