Lilith Astaroth Secrets of the Night Forbidden Knowledge to Manifest your Dreams

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Forbidden knowledge from Lilith the first teacher of the ancient night ways .

To amplify your power this talisman also combines the secret knowledge of Astaroth, who masterfully imparts knowledge of all past and future things ( can you imagine how useful this would be to you).

This is a secret mystic formula that can put you in touch with all the knowledge and information you need to command with certainty and never be at the mercy of your circumstances.

You must have specialized knowledge to navigate your life with safety and success in these turbulent times .

Now the Secrets of the Night calls to your ascension to a new level of consciousness.

Ritually ensorcelled to you and designed to serve you a lifetime.

Stunning and exquisitely detailed talisman made of highest medical grade 316L stainless steel and is completely hypo-allergenic. Solid with substantial weight.

Size 1.25"

Premium Quality Stainless Steel chain 3mm thick is included.