CAUDA PAVONIS Mystic Portal of All Possibilities Dream Manifester


Mystic Union of the Above and Below, the Masculine and Feminine in eternal embrace to release all manifestation powers to you.

The Timeless Infinite Union of Opposites to achieve magnetic irresistible attraction powers.

The are very powerful advanced occult secrets of transformation power to start blessing you immediately.

Profound formulas of dream manifestation power are ritually and vibrationally aligned in this talisman to empower your dreams to manifest into lucid reality.

This incredibly beautiful and intricate pendant is made of Sterling Silver and 24K GOLD.

It set with a large number of mini quartz crystals and genuine sapphires.

Total size 2.25" long x 0.75" wide.

Premium Quality 22" 18K GOLD PLATED Stainless Steel chain pictured  is included.