LILITU VAMPIRE Enchantress Djinn of Immortality and Eternal Youthfulness


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 Royal Vampire Art#67 by infernal199 on DeviantArt

The most ancient powers of Lilitu the Vampire Enchantress will give you the powers of immortality and eternal youthfulness

You will be transformed by the the limitless energies of this Ancient Vampire Enchantress time will stand still as you radiate the supernatural powers of unending youthfulness. Those around you will begin to comment on how you look years younger and seem to defy their previous image of you. All of this will come to you with immediate and effortless ease because Lilitu the Vampire Enchantress does all the work for you. She has been called upon by kings and queens and the elite power brokers of the world to give them the strength and vitality of immortality and eternal youthfulness.

Now is your chance to partake of this rare and highly treasured vampire enchantress of immortality.

* Anti- aging powers *

* Always look amazing *

* Be treated with the respect and class you deserve *

You live in a highly visual and looks based world and this can affect everything from your employment to the way you are treated in your private life.

You will never have to worry again because the powers of Lilitu the Vampire Enchantress will transform you with an irresistible electrifying aura of immortality that will begin working for you immediately.

Be revitalized and renewed and walk through life with a youthful and highly attractive and seductive energy.

It will all be yours as you take action on this amazing belief in yourself.

You will love and instantly feel the transformative Vampire Enchantress power and presence.

Others will notice something has changed about you as they comment on how you look so different...Younger....More youthful....

They will feel your new energy and treat you with a new respect and adoration. 

Now is your time to shine and release your mesmerizing inner and outer beauty.

The mysterious powers of Lilitu the Vampire Enchantress Djinn will soon be yours.

***Listen to her call***


Sterling Silver wavy shape Pendant, Black Gold Plated with 18K Gold accents and beautifully detailed bail.
Crimson Red crystal in the center.
Measures approx. 2" with bail x 1" wide.
18K Gold Plated Stainless Steel chain pictured is included.