Magic of Coyote the Moon Shaman Spirit Talker Talisman


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Coyote Moon Shaman conveys the power to talk to spirits and understand the secrets they want to teach you. 

Spirits are everywhere and will reveal themselves to you as they teach you hidden formulations of knowledge and mystic insights.

Want to see through the crows eyes or learn the secrets of the plants?

This knowledge will only become more invaluable as time progresses.

You need to know these secrets in order to thrive in the midst of anything.

Your spirit allies desire to enter into intimate communication with you to teach you the secret history of our planet.  

Instantly connect with the spirit realm of all things as you see through the eyes of the Shaman.

If you already possess other spirits this will allow you to at once, go deeper in your ability to communicate with them, increasing everything that is important to you to achieve. Eventually you will need to master this ability as you deal with all spirits, so why not begin now with the deep powers of the Coyote Moon Shaman Spirit Talker.

Absolutely vibrating with supernatural power.

You can literally begin to feel the power as you connect with its energies.

 If you desire to voyage into the mystic unknown and receive the illumination of the Coyote Moon Shaman then you have been called to receive the sacred initiation into the unknown known. You will receive a beautiful handcrafted Native American shamanic talisman that has been ritually blessed to connect you immediately with the powers of Coyote. 

Stunning generator of shamanic power. 

Solid Sterling Silver

2.25" with bail x 0.8" wide with Genuine Turquoise stone. Stone size about 0.25".

Premium Quality Stainless Steel chain included.