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Knowledge is Power.

Secret knowledge hidden from the masses is even more powerful.

To get from where you are now to where you want to be in the future, one thing is needed. Specialized knowledge.

All the secrets of knowledge human and divine are taught by Purson. He will impart the most incredible insights into EVERYTHING terrestrial and celestial. 

From No-thing, all things manifest.

Djinn Purson operates from the space in-between what we perceive as linear time. This allows access to all knowledge past , present and future.

This Void is pregnant with limitless possibilities for you when guided by Purson. 

Now imagine yourself knowing the secrets to getting everything you want. 

To knowing everything you want to know, When you possess the most powerful supernatural knowledge there is of all things human and divine, everything manifests faster than ever before. Speed increases with the specialized knowledge imparted by Purson. You will be surprised, stunned and AMAZED at the ways this master Djinn will empower and lift you up to new levels of wisdom, knowledge and power.

Solomon was one of the richest men who ever lived and was renowned worldwide for his wisdom and knowledge.

He was also served by Purson. Can you see the connection? Easy to use instructions included with your order. 

Please include your full name and date of birth in the special instructions box on the checkout page for the necessary magical alignments.

So It Is Done!

Djinn Purson vessel is a Blue Chalcedony Crystal Skull.

Measure approx. over 3" x 2.5" x 2"

Blue Agate slab stand pictured is included.