Melek Taus Black Flame Essence RARE Dark Art Ensorcelled Talisman


Ensorcelled with occult Dark Matter this Melek Taus very rare talisman acts as a beacon to call forth and awaken your inner Daemon.

 It has been ritually empowered with the Nine Forbidden Names that open the gateway to the Kingdom of Shadows.

It is through these gateways that you project your will into the cauldron of the universe...amplifying your will power a hundredfold.

 Everything you really desire to have manifests through your Will.

Magick itself is an extension of your Will. Weak will equals weak results.

A Strong, Powerful Will equals results that border on the supernatural.

This unique exceptionally rare spelled talisman has been ritualized to start working the moment you begin wearing it.

It is ready to use to begin casting forth your Will with Ferocious Intensity.

If you are ready to begin realizing a whole new level of magickal power in your life and finally attaining your goals, then you must grab this while it is still available. 

You will find that the longer you use this unique supernatural talisman, the faster your Will begins to Order reality to conform to your desires.

If you have ever felt a need to take your magick to the next level and beyond, then this is definitely the occult tool you have been looking for.

This is a high-quality handcrafted custom-made piece. Solid sterling silver.

Beautifully detailed bail. Look in the photo.

Measures 1.5" in diameter plus .5" bail.

3mm thick 24" premium quality stainless steel chain pictured is included.

There is only one available.

This rare magically ensorcelled pendant will be individually consecrated and sanctified
in your name to bind and seal its potent energies to only you.