✣Money ✣Love "Lucky Devil" ✣Sterling Silver & Amber Ring


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You were born to stand out and you were born to succeed.

There is no power in being a copy of everyone else and doing what everyone else is doing when it comes to your success, wealth and happiness.

There is no excuse for not getting whatever you want.

Magic is the force that makes the impossible possible, and this ring is vibrating with the magic of money manifestation. 

It gives you that inner glow of unlimited abundance that money just can't help but be attracted to. 

Use it to:

*Magnetize money in all its forms to you. Why limit yourself to just one avenue of expression.

*Release financial favor and preferential treatment.

*Get that promotion.

*Find a better job.

*Attract lost money that is owed to you. You never know.

*Improve your gambling luck.

*Find the best deals that seem almost too good to be true. 

This ring is the key that opens the door to your money magnetism and unnatural good luck.

Get this and you just might get used to people calling you a " lucky devil."

Gorgeous size 7 1/2 ~ 925 Sterling Silver and Genuine Baltic Amber ring with elegant accents. 

Amber vibrates to the secret law of attraction center in the body known as the solar plexus making this the perfect match for you.  

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