Envelop yourself in a glamorous aura of ageless beauty and youthful radiance as you wear the stunning Mystic Black Sapphire of  Goddess Turan talisman. 

Get ready to feel your best and you look your most magnificent. 

Waltz the world radiating a passion for life that will leave other jealous with envy and curious about your new secret fountain of youth.

The Mystic Black Sapphire talisman is ritually ensorcelled with  21 of the most powerful beauty spells derived from the most jealously guarded ancient grimoires. 

You will feel its transformative energies the moment you put in on.

The ensorcelled 21 spells of beauty will begin to immediately align with your energetic body as they start to work their age-defying timeless magick upon you.

You truly will have a secret worth jealously guarding as you keep them guessing as to just how you do it.

This talisman is a stunningly elegant as it is magickally powerful.

Think about that.

This seductive & mystical talisman is a rarity.

Even more sublime in person. It beautifully captures the light. Made of Sterling Silver and set with Mystical Black Sapphires. Truly breathtaking piece to own and wear. Super unique and never to be found anywhere else. This is a 100% handcrafted pendant. Just look at the intricate details. 

It measures approx. 2" with bail x 1.25" wide.

Premium Quality 24" Black Stainless Steel chain pictured is included.

Only one available.