Naima Marid Djinn of Oasis Blessings-Guardian of Inner Balance and Abundance


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Within the heart of this remarkable talisman resides Naima, the Marid Djinn of Oasis Blessings, a benevolent force of immense power and profound wisdom.

The talisman, an oval-shaped pendant crafted from silver, holds at its core a substantial Yellow Agate stone, encircled by inlaid red coral and turquoise gems, each stone meticulously placed to amplify its metaphysical properties.

Naima's presence within this talisman is a source of tranquility and abundance.

Just as she is drawn to the life-giving properties of water, her connection to this pendant enhances its qualities.

The Yellow Agate at the heart of the talisman symbolizes serenity, grounding, and an equilibrium of the mind.

It is an embodiment of the desert's golden sands, capturing the essence of stillness amid the ever-shifting dunes.

When you wear this talisman and invoke Naima, a harmonious transformation will begin.

Naima, the Guardian of Inner Balance and Abundance, acts as a guiding beacon for the wearer. She aids in fostering a sense of equilibrium within the self, enabling you to navigate life's unpredictable currents with serenity and unwavering resolve.

The Marid's benevolence extends to the realm of material well-being. She possesses a unique ability to invoke the elements to create abundance. As you wear this pendant and connect with Naima's energies, opportunities for prosperity and abundance unfold before you.

She is a wellspring of wealth, but her treasures are not solely material.

With Naima's guidance, you will discover the richness of inner balance, spiritual growth, and a profound connection to the nurturing energies of the natural world.

The red coral and turquoise, surrounding the Yellow Agate, imbue the talisman with a vibrant and balanced energy. The red coral, representing life force and courage, magnifies your inner strength and determination. Turquoise, the stone of protection and healing, safeguards your journey as you tread the path of abundance.

Naima is a Djinn who resonates with the core elements of the Earth and the serenity of still waters. She brings life to this talisman, allowing it to become a conduit to your inner oasis of peace, a wellspring of balance, and a guide to the hidden treasures of abundance, both in the material world and the deepest chambers of your soul.

With Naima as your guardian, you embark on a transformative journey toward a harmonious existence, basking in the oasis of her blessings.


Large Handcrafted Talisman made of Silver, Yellow Agate in the center with Red Coral and Turquoise surrounding stones.

It measures approx. 2.5" plus bail x 2" wide. The Agate Gem in the center is 1.5" x 1" in size.

Premium Quality 24" Stainless Steel chain pictured is included.