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Did you ever ask yourself "Will I ever be able to experience true psychic powers?" 

Are you stuck yet know you have  psychic abilities that just need a magickal jump start?

Know this!  Psychic powers are your birthright.

Awaken your dormant multidimensional psychic abilities! 

::Pendant is Infused with the 5 Universal Elements::

::frequencies that open altered states of consciousness:: 

In the world of the Psychic Amplifier all limitations are illusions.

~Balance Chakras for Harmonious Energy Flow~

~Master Lucid Dreaming~ 

~Move Energy on the Astral Plane~

~Access to the Highest Level of Hidden Knowledge~

Revitalize your psychic energy through connection to Infinity Frequencies

Your psychic powers are always with you and now is the time to Awaken within the dream.

Pendant is silver color mixed metals and is inlaid with turquoise, lapis lazuli and red jasper. Totals size about 1.25". Premium quality 22" Stainless Steel chain with clasp is included.