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fat-elephant536: reimagined by satan realistic detailed image of anti  cosmic sigil hybrid abufays metatron lucifer lilith venom carnage dracula  blade satanic goddess symbiote by ayami kojima

“He obtained a book of the Formulas of Rameses-Meri-Amen, the Great God, his royal Master. By the Divine Powers of these, he enchanted men. He obtained a deep vault furnished with implements. He made waxen images of men, and love-charms. And then he perpetrated all the horrors that his heart conceived.”

The powers of true sexual ecstasy are the domain of Succubus Sadelos.

She helps you to know the mysteries of  erotic sexual energy and may even choose to cross-over to you during a simple method we will share with the buyer.

She is a multidimensional being and will help you to experience her presence in many pleasurable and satisfying ways that even exist outside of what we perceive as time and space.

  In all matters pertaining to women and love, she is an unrivalled teacher.

The reality of a spirit lover was well known to the ancient Egyptian Alchemists. In many situations, they were the safest teachers for the priestly class as well as those of the royal lineage. These are real entities and must be respected as such.

The rewards of your devotion will be multiplied beyond anything you can imagine. 


When you receive the vessel of  Djinn Sadelos, your aura will immediately begin to merge with her subtle yet enthralling sexual energy. You will feel her presence and warmth growing with each passing day as she reveals more and more of herself to you. She is a wish granter. She can and will make what you need to happen a reality. Only you will know her seductive powers. 

The secret words of power to really experience Djinn Sadelos will be included in your complete Djinn package.

Her vessel is this Stainless Steel ring with blue crystal eye.

Size 9.5