Quantum Matrix of Hermes Limitless Luck Cosmic Resonator


By popular demand and for a limited time The Ministry of Magic is offering once again what many have called their personal lucky star.

The most ancient secrets of the mystic Atlantean Priesthood manifested into present time to immerse you in the frequency of limitless luck.

This exclusive spiritual technology connects to Source Energy to effortlessly open the doors to the realm of supernatural luck and good fortune.

The mystic frequencies radiating from the talisman will be aligned to serve you for a lifetime. 

It's time to get comfortable with Limitless Luck and step into the realms of harmonic opulence.

The Quantum Matrix of Hermes Limitless Luck Resonator is handcrafted and made of 100% Sterling Silver, Genuine Malachite stone and inlayed with real precious crushed crystals.

What you see in the photo shimmering is not glitter. Those are real gemstones.

Malachite is an excellent stone to help open the Heart Chakra ; a powerful tool to assist with good concentration and increased psychic vision .

Talisman measures 1.5"

Premium Quality 3mm thick 22" length 24K Gold Plated Stainless Steel chain pictured is included.

This talisman is a work of art !