Secret Chiefs Diamond Eye Psychic Sight Portal to Past, Present, Future


Have you experienced an unusual shifting in the experience of time lately?
Does it feel like there are never enough hours in the day anymore?
Are you ready intuitively understand and master the illusion of time?
The past present and future can be influenced to change the now you are experiencing.
The powers of the secret chiefs are ancient and without parallel.
Ensorcelled into this unique portal are the powers of influencing time and changing the outcome of your destiny through the powers of psychic sight. This parallel world portal will open up a limitless world of possibility to you.
If you can conceive it in your mind, there is a parallel you experiencing it now. Once you merge with this parallel access point, you instantly begin to change your current reality. The time distortion portal opens the door for you to manifest new and dynamic realities. If you can conceive it and believe it, you can have it.
This is the power of enhanced psychic sight.
Do you want to tap into wealth, health, knowledge, a new skillset, business success, love and romance, a more pleasing and powerful personality, powers of influence and persuasion?
It all already exists.
Experiment Time - Episode 1 - The Time Portal | - The  Independent Video Game Community
Have you ever wanted to communicate with someone from the past?
Learn from the masters?
If you can imagine it, the doorway is opened to you.
Can you imagine the limitless possibilities that await you?
There are great and powerful mysteries at work here that have challenged even the most brilliant minds.
Magick holds the lost key!
"Our minds are thus tuned or tunable to multiple dimensions, multiple realities. The freely associating mind is able to pass across time barriers, sensing the future and reappraising the past. Our minds are time machines, able to sense the flow of possibility waves from both the past and future." ~F.A.W.
You are the ultimate time machine and now you can merge fantasy with reality as you discover the mystical powers of time and space.
Begin anew again. Now.
There is no time like the present.
And it is a present when you have the key.
Vibrating with occult magickal energies.
You will be blown away. Ancient powers bound within to forever serve you.
There is only one available at this time to the called new owner.
Incredible Handcrafted Silver and 3D carved Labradorite Skull Talisman Pendant.
Approx. size. 2" plus bail x 1.25" wide.
Skull size itself is 1.10" x 0.75" wide.
Premium Quality 24" Stainless Steel chain pictured  is included.