Sold Out

Wouldn't it be amazing if the seeming supernatural wisdom and knowledge of the elite Secret Society members that enables them to live like Royalty was able to be downloaded into your consciousness?

Have you ever asked yourself what you would immediately begin doing with such privileged powers?

The Master Key to living a life of dominion versus serfdom is the HIDDEN KNOWLEDGE of the Power Elite.

This Wisdom and Knowledge is guarded by a spirit or force which has been energetically and ritually bound into this amazing artifact to bring you instant Illumination of the secret codes of the Illuminated ones hidden all around you. By simply holding, carrying or wearing it you will change your bodies magnetism and auric frequencies to open a direct doorway into the Akashic Field of all knowledge past present and future with no effort at all.

Imagine being able to remote view the future and know the answers for yourself.

All you do is keep it in your astral energy field and you can be transformed, informed and supernaturally empowered. 

Finally, the real secret to the Power Elite is now Revealed through the mysterious powers encoded into this incredible artifact.

All the ritual work will be done for you. All you must do is enjoy the results.

 *OPEN a portal that enables Secret Illuminati Knowledge to flow into your mind freely and effortlessly

 *ERASE all the limitations that are holding you back

 *MANIFEST your desires through the Mystic Brotherhood

The amazingly intense energies will break through any bonds which may have been holding you back and chaining you to limitation.

The Secret of the Brotherhood is coded into the eternal Spell bound into this ritually consecrated and imbued artifact to guarantee full Illuminati Brotherhood transference.

Exquisitely handcrafted highest quality Large Solid Sterling Silver pendant with mesmerizing large gold color Jasper stone (1.75" x 1") in the center, with Blue Topaz, Citrine, Garnet and Peridot around it. Genuine Pearl above it, and Moonstone below . Beautiful and sophisticated detail on the bail.
Approx. size 3.5" with bail x 2.25" wide.
Designed to last a lifetime
Solid and substantial piece.