" I and some others had the privilege to be officially informed that our planet has already been visited by extraterrestrials and that the UFO phenomenon is real." Dr. Edgar Mitchell. U.S. Astronaut. 

High frequency. 

Imagine someone hands you a secret so profound that it can change everything you thought you knew about the nature of reality and the world we live in. 

Revealing the most advanced Djinn magic known to humanity, Sorceress Sultana knows the end from the beginning as she crafts spells of unimaginable power and beauty for you. She is a master spellcaster of the highest magnitude who can manipulate and re-arrange energy patterns and vibrational frequencies to give you the life you want. What matters to Djinn Sultana is YOU. Your happiness. Your health. Your satisfaction. Your magical well-being. 



This is the kind of forbidden knowledge graciously entrusted to us as gatekeepers of the sacred mysteries of the higher occult dimensions.

This has never been revealed anywhere, ever before.

Djinn Sultana manifests from a hyperspatial realm linked to numerous other parallel universes which intersect with our own and often appears in orb form which can be seen if she desires it. The orb body is often a sign of her connection and activity on your behalf. What did you see in your mind?

Sultana masterfully crafting her spells to get you through the day and lift you up into your destiny. 


Djinn Sultana has made permanent contact with this beautifully mesmerizing crystal orb and vintage brass stand. Such a distinctly elegant pairing worthy of the Sorceress. You will love the positive energies which will fill your space as Sorceress Sultana weaves her magic spells for you. Easy to follow instruction on how to actually see Sultana manifest for you. Prepare to be absolutely amazed.

Don't think of buying this unless you are ready to experience something truly out of this world...and beyond.   The choice is yours. Choose wisely and enter her royal chamber.


The Vintage brass stand is a solid heavy piece 10.5" tall x 4" wide at the base. Notice the amazing details on it.

The sphere is an enchanting Labradorite sphere approx. 2.5" in diameter.