Dreams are the residual processing of our day. They allow us to regulate, analyze, explain, and remember the events of the day. In reviewing these events in dream-time, our mind engages in a kind of interior or mental housekeeping. Dreams connect us to the spiritual world.They are a wonderful way to receive divine guidance and there are ways to use your dreamcatcher to enhance or increase those experiences. Simply by hanging a dreamcatcher over your sleeping area, you are encouraging the flow from the spiritual world to your dreams. The dreamcatcher helps keep that connection clean and clear by filtering out unnecessary energy. It helps eliminate unncessary information or "bad" dreams.
~WHITE ~ *Air and Wind* ~ Used to encourage the free flowing of thoughts and easy communication.
This beautiful small and enchanting dreamcatcher is about 9"-10" long total with feathers.
The ring diameter by itself is 3". Please allow a few days for the feathers to completely open up after hanging.