Star of Heaven Lapis Lazuli Sovereign Protector Talisman

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You are a spiritual being and have been called to walk in freedom and peace of mind.

 :::Divine High Frequency powers protect you from every attack of negativity, fear and turmoil:::

Whether it is intentional attack against you or just the energetic debris of daily life these negative low level energies will not be able to attach themselves to you.

Sacred Mantra Encoded crystal technology to remove , cleanse, and block all negative energies from you, releasing new levels of vibrant, positive power into your life.

An impenetrable shield of higher realm protection that will always work for you.

Lapis lazuli benefits have been utilized by royalty, healers and priests to enhance wisdom and power. The blue mineral rock was one of the first spiritual stones. Lapis lazuli rocks are known to enhance inner visions and psychic abilities.

"Lapis Lazuli crystal benefits include feelings of peace and serenity brought about by stress relief. Lapis lazuli properties encourage spiritual journeying and enhance spiritual power. The focus on learning at the root of lapis lazuli meaning carries through to providing more intuitive enlightenment in dream work and strengthening connections to dream forces for better guidance while in an altered state.

 Lapis lazuli crystals block psychic attacks and reflect the psychic energy back on the attacker like a mirror.The flowing water energy of lapis lazuli promotes balance and support during the ups and downs in life and career.Lapis lazuli crystal benefits are best utilized in the Third Eye or brow chakra to stimulate the psychic center and the throat chakra to balance energies."

:::Star of Heaven Lapis Lazuli Sovereign Protector Talisman:::
This stunningly beautiful pendant is handmade of Solid Sterling Silver
and Lapis Lazuli Stone in the center.
(The back of pendant is solid and flat, not hollow)
This is a large pendant 3" with bail x 2.5" wide.
Lapis Stone itself is 1"x 0.75"
Premium Quality 22" Stainless Steel ensorcelled chain is included.