Sumerian Vampire Prana Transference Black Star Portal


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Free: Futuristic illustration of a person travelling through the time -

Secrets Of Vampire Prana Transference Revealed by Actual Sumerian Vampire.

You have no idea the things this Vampire can teach and show you.

*Mind over Matter*

*Psychic Influence*




*Time Distortion*

Just imagine what supernatural journeys you will have as you experience immediate access to the immortal Vampire powers firsthand.

This is a very special magickal artifact that will richly bless and empower you the moment it enters your aura field.

See yourself immersed in the living prana of the Vampire as you learn the secrets of the Vampiric Bloodlines.

If the Vampire calls to you, act quickly to secure this artifact for yourself.

Ready to ship and use.

It has been ceremonially ensorcelled to immediately merge with the owners aura.

 316 Stainless Steel heavy and solid Black Star Pendant with Black Onyx crystal in the center.

About 1.5" in size.

Premium Quality 24" Stainless Steel chain is included.