Thunder of The Gods Irresistible Force Quantum Reality Programmer


Thunder of The Gods Irresistible Force Quantum Reality Programmer.

Tap into the power of Infinite Potentiality to project your magnetic thought force to program all levels of reality.

Mind, Solid , Immovable, manifesting instantly once you know the secrets.

Sacred vibrational mind resonance tool of Ascended Masters programmed with 400 mantras of absolute limitless mind power.

Obtain power to transform existence itself through the sacred seed mantras active in this technology of the gods.

Connect with Infinite Mind and nothing will be impossible for you.

These powers are closely guarded and will be found nowhere else.

Ritually aligned to be user friendly and ready to use. 

Full instructions included .

Solid Brass inlaid with turquoise.

Total size aprrox. 5" x 1.4"