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God-Mother Isis controls all and can bless you with more than you ever thought possible for yourself.

She can immediately cause all to change for the better regardless of what you may have experienced in the past!

What is it that you really want ?

How would your life improve by having it ? Now!

Nothing is impossible to Goddess Isis.

No matter how desperate your situation may be, with this most powerful ceremony,

It will instantly start to change for the better!

:::You are being called by Goddess Isis to bigger and better things:::

Heed this call and you will be blessed beyond belief !

This most powerful ceremony will link you to the endless powers of Goddess Isis using the most sacred and profound Egyptian Magick.

After the ceremony, you will receive your ultimate powers of Goddess Isis incredible Sterling Silver talisman pendant, which will start drawing all the good you have ever desired to you like an electrified magnet!

Avail yourself of this most Ancient Magick and experience blessings untold!

We are going to cover all the bases for you so you will immediately begin to experience the best new beginnings.

Heed the call of Goddess Isis and step into a new life for yourself!

Now is the time!


Exquisitely handcrafted highest quality solid Sterling Silver pendant.

Beautifully detailed silverwork.

Approx. size 2" wide x 1.25" plus bail.

Solid and substantial piece.