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Revealing a revolutionary Limited-Time Opportunity to invest in one of our  most powerful Wealth and Abundance Rituals. If you're serious about breaking the grip of poverty and limited finances on your life, or simply opening the floodgates to a new level of financial freedom , then this has been revealed for you dear friend.

 We are excited to offer you this all comprehensive Super Charged Wealth/Abundance ritual working Empowered by the actual Rites of Egyptian Freemasonry , Hermeticism, and Al-Kemet.

 This uncommon Secret of Masonic Wealth took us years to research, but the explosive results can be yours to experience in a matter of days.

A rare find.

 Beginning with the "Gloria Mundi sonsten Paradeiss Taffel" published in 1620...well some secrets must remain ...secret.

 " Dead-end was..Up...to me for years. A divorce had wiped me out financially and I felt like I was sailing across a sea of quicksand. I couldn't advance in my job due to not having the right "paperwork" educationally and I just wasn't ready to go back to school. To say I was desperate is an understatement. I purchased the Masonic Wealth Spell package from The Ministry of Magic... thinking I couldn't sink any lower, so hell, why not give it a go. Wow! I still need to pinch myself at times. Whatever they did...got me laid-off...and HIRED into the best career I honestly thought I wasn't qualified for. Thank you, thank you Michael and Lady M. I'm a believer!"  - Charles F.

Here is just a small portion of the benefits you'll gain:

  *Extraordinary Money Magnetism

   (Green is going to be your new favorite color)

 *Uncommon "Out of the Box" Financial Favor

 *Supernatural Increase from hidden sources

 *Money is going to love you

 A HUGE proportion of the Wealth created at the turn of the century can be directly linked to Masonic influence. People that came from absolutely nothing were later Leaders of Industry and Finance. 

You're kidding yourself if you discount the influence of  Secret Magical Energies being used by such individuals. 99.9% of them were Masons and members of Secret Societies.

 Now, in your service, this life-altering closely guarded knowledge can be actualized into remarkable Power in your life, giving you the tremendous advantage usually reserved for a lucky few.
Before you make your decision, ask yourself this critical question... Am I ready for this? If you are, there are only 2 of these Ultra Wealth Ritual Workings available publically at this time, so please consider making a quality decision in your favor while they are still available.
As an extra investment into you, when you order, you will also receive a special Wealth talisman package with the talisman pictured and personalized just for you which forms an amazing connection to your Super Charged Abundance rituals.
We look forward to serving you.
 The Sacred Scarab pendant is made of Stainless Steel.
Total size 1.75" with bail x 0.75" wide.
Premium Quality Stainless Steel chain is included.