$99.99 $111.00

In this rare listing , we offer you this magical TRIPLE CAST Fairy inhabited BEAUTIFUL FACETED CRYSTAL SPHERE PENDANT which also contains a beautiful Fairy blessed with the presence of 9 Wealth and Abundance Drawing Faeries.  

These 9 Ultra Powerful and Loving Wealth Faeries will cause AVALANCHES of Abundance and Wealth to begin flooding into your life. 

They LOVE to exhibit their powers to create wealth and will amaze you with the massive numbers of divine synchronicities that will begin immediately showing up in your life.

This $$$Wealth$$$ magnet set will cause a financial breakthrough and also set up an ATTRACTIVE frequency which will DRAW money to you.

There is no limit as to how much and where it will manifest.

The 9 Wealth Faeries will handle all the details. 

The beautiful *Fairy* CRYSTAL PENDANT is permanently cast to energize the Wealth Talisman, and any other piece of jewelry you may desire to charm.

You will receive the 9x cast powerful Fairy Wealth Talisman CRYSTAL PENDANT to completely manifest the Abundance you desire. 

We will perform a personalized sealing spellcasting for you to seal the items and introduce you to the 9 Wealth Faeries which are awaiting the opportunity to bring wealth and abundance into your circumstances. 

You will receive the Fairy CRYSTAL SPHERE PENDANT pictured , which is about 0.5" TOTAL in size with a green stone on top.You can wear the Fairy GEMSTONE PENDANT or simply carry it on you. Comes with a 22" Premium quality stainless steel chain pictured.