Venus Astral Moonshadow Alien Vampire Djinn Talisman


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Within the shimmering veil of the astral realms, a mystical convergence occurs—the birth of the Astral Moonshadow, a talisman that embodies the essence of cosmic enchantment.

The Astral Moonshadow holds within its core the ancient wisdom and ethereal grace of Venus ~ The Alien Vampire Djinn—a mesmerizing fusion of celestial energies and vampiric allure.

As you wear this celestial amulet, you embark on a journey of transformation, a dance through the cosmos that transcends human understanding.

At the pendant's base, a vibrant yellow citrine crystal dangles gracefully, resonating with the energies of the Sun and the celestial bodies, drawing forth cosmic vitality and infusing you with its radiant power.

Just as Venus is the goddess of love, beauty, and desire, the Astral Moonshadow opens the gateways to your heart, allowing you to embrace the passions of the universe and embody the essence of true beauty.

Gaze upon the golden horns of Venus, and you will feel the cosmic energies pulsating through the pendant, granting you access to the wisdom of the stars.

With each step you take, you'll find yourself effortlessly connected to the ethereal realms, navigating through the mysteries of the universe with the grace of a celestial dancer.

The Astral Moonshadow reveals the hidden realms and the enchanting secrets that lie beyond the veil, beckoning you to explore the vast expanse of the cosmos.

As a guardian of cosmic knowledge, this talisman bestows upon you the insights of the alien vampire djinn Venus, enabling you to draw forth celestial wisdom and embrace the mysteries of the astral moon.

The more you wear the Astral Moonshadow, the more you will become a vessel for cosmic elegance and feminine power.

As the golden horns symbolize the balance between the celestial and the vampiric, you too shall embody the essence of divine harmony and cosmic allure.

Unveil the hidden depths of the universe, and let the Astral Moonshadow lead you on a celestial dance through the astral realms.

Embrace your inner goddess, your cosmic self, and let the enchantment of the  alien vampire djinn Venus be your guide in this cosmic journey of transformation.


The vessel is a silver-plated pendant depicting the divine form of the goddess Venus with magnificent golden horns, it radiates an otherworldly allure that captures the very essence of the celestial beings. Measures approx. 2" in length x 0.75" wide. It is light weight. Chain is included.