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✣ 8/8/2022 LION'S GATE PORTAL Sirian Vortex Event Ritual ✣ August 12 2022, 0 Comments


Last Monday Aug. 8, 2022 the Leo sun and the bright star Sirius have created an annual cosmic alignment known as the Lion’s Gate Portal. This spiritual vibe has been amplified even more intensely this year, thanks to the amazing Sirian Vortex. Between these stellar events and the numerology behind the number eight, August 8 (or 8/8) was set to be one of the luckiest days of 2022.
We have performed a limited number of rituals for our clients aligning them with the incredible powers of the Sirian Vortex.
Here are some photos and a short video from the Ritual Event in our Temple.
Our Lion's Gate Portal Event Ritual opened powerful gateways of manifestation for our clients.

About our Rituals

We briefly show only the preliminary stages in our media posts. The actual ritual is never meant to be publicly seen as it involves the calling up of magical forces in a highly charged, ritually sealed environment using invocations and magical formulae whose secrecy is their power.  This protects both our clients and ourselves.