About Us


The Ministry of Magic TM  invokes the Powerfully Potent Sorcery of the High Magick Arts.We are of the lineage of the OLD and ANCIENT ONES.From the Secret Temples of Ancient Sumeria and Egypt to the Inner Courts of the Western Mystery Schools, we bring to you the most profound and omnipotent Conjurations: Amulets, Bindings, Charms, Hexes, Spells, and Magical Craft and items to EMPOWER your life with the Unbounded Potency of the Gods. 

Our Ritual Evocation and Spell Castings draw upon the Magickal Secrets of the Great Mystery Schools, Past and Present. Collectively we draw from and have practical experience in *Sumerian, Babylonian & Egyptian Magic, *The Dark Arts, *Goeticism,*Strega, *Voudon, and possess far-reaching knowledge of the OCCULT Arts , Hermeticism , Alchemy and Metaphysics.


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