Divine the psychic currents of your life and obtain the insights and answers you seek. 

Experience the profound depths of your incredible connection to the occult mysteries of life and the universe through the magic power of the Tarot.

Your connection is already there. We facilitate it through the magical application of the Tarot to your particular needs. 

When you purchase one of our unique Tarot readings, you will be immersed in the Akashic field through the magical gateway keys of the Tarot.

Insights that are meant only for you will be uncovered layer by layer, revealing the pathways that are open to you. 

The power of the Tarot Divination Service can be used for all areas of:






Uncovering hexes and curses

Increasing your personal power

Awakening your spiritual gifts

Communicating with spirits

We have clients from all over the globe from every walk of life who rely on the mystic insights of the Tarot to give them the answers and peace of mind they seek. 

 Our system is unique, exclusive and powerful. It is guided by the secret hand of the ancient masters.

We use an extensive variety of traditional and highly specialized Tarot cards to access every area of the Akashic field for your benefit. This is an actual tarot divination performed for you, not a  computer program or app "reading" that can't connect with the necessary mystic forces.

Upon purchase we will contact you to obtain the necessary information to begin your Tarot Reading divination. Once we have completed the reading you will be emailed a special report describing what the spirits have revealed for you.  You will receive a picture of your tarot spread with your name clearly shown. We perform the readings in our Temple's Divination Room shown in our photos.