The Ministry of Magic™ Planetary Candle Magick Spells utilize carefully guarded hidden knowledge and ancient mystic secrets to align you with your desires. When you need the convenience, and you want the work done in private there is nothing better. Each type of candle is designed to work on your specific goals, desires and dreams. We offer customized Special candles for all situations.

 When you order our Planetary Candle Magick Service, your candle is cleansed, prepared, blessed, and then prayed over. After the candle preparing ritual service is performed, your candle is placed on the appropriate altar dedicated to a specific, spirit, saint, and purpose, and it's personalized with magical incense, herbs and crystals that have a corresponding link to your desires. 

Once your Planetary Candle Magick Spell has been cast you will be emailed a picture of your candle spell with your name on it, on the appropriate altar. This will serve as a point of contact for you to connect with the mystic powers of your spell. Spells usually take between 7-14 days to complete based upon the type of candle spell purchased . Once finished you will receive a candle reading interpretation. Nothing is shipped to you with a candle service. Many clients desire to have more than one candle spell . If you wish, you may order multiple candles now, or you can wait until we finish burning the first candle and then order the next.