Sigil Casting to Seal your Destiny ©


From ancient Babylon to the Sacred Temples of Egypt the science of sigils has been used to orchestrate the desires of the royal dynasties into physical manifestation.

Sigils are spiritual seeds of power that reproduce after their kind in alignment with universal law. It is a symbol based magical system of desire fulfillment . This ancient magical practice accelerates the actualization of your desire into physical reality utilizing the path of least resistance connecting directly to the universal subconscious, thereby bypassing all conscious obstacles such as worry and self-sabotage.

Now this mystical technology of the ancients is available to serve YOU in every area of your life.

Anything you desire can be yours because there are no limitations in Universal Mind.

 Stop for a moment and imagine stepping into a reality where you can :

 Influence events in your favor

Control your destiny 

Master and control all circumstances

Attract and influence any person you wish

Be protected in perfect safety and peace of mind

Live a charmed and blessed life

Bless the lives of your loved ones

The possibilities are endless…

Go back to Source and align your energies to Cosmic Universal Harmony. Be connected with galactic spiritual vibrations that transcend all worldly temporal limitations. 

You are made of star-stuff and feel a deep connection to the star-seeds. An excellent boost to your energetic meridian centers. 

Upon completion of sigil casting  you will  receive an authentic sigilized magical parchment designed exclusively for you under the direction of the spirits.