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˖°.⭐ The Mechanics of Lesser Magick and Spellbound Jewelry 💠⋆ ๋࣭ May 25 2024, 0 Comments

Magickal Spellbound Jewelry as a practice of lesser magick serves as a powerful bridge between the wearer and the world.

🜞 Fractal Doorway of Apep X Solar Eclipse 2024 Mega Ritual 🜞 April 09 2024, 0 Comments

In the world of mysticism and magick, few events hold as much potential for transformation and renewal as a solar eclipse.

On this remarkable day, April 8, 2024, the cosmos aligned in a spectacular dance, cloaking our world in a brief, twilight luminosity.

At the heart of this celestial phenomenon, our Starfire Temple served as a sacred space where we converged to partake in a magical ritual unlike any other.

As the moon's shadow descended upon the earth, veiling the sun's radiant light, the atmosphere around the Starfire Temple vibrated with celestial energies.

The air was charged with incense, uplifting and grounding as it weaved a tapestry of infinite space and its limitless possibilities.

As totality approached, a profound silence enveloped the Temple. In this moment of darkness, the magickal focus turned inward, reaching into the depths of being, touching the core of the magical current and its mysteries.

It was here, in the shadow of the eclipse, that the veil between worlds thinned to gossamer, allowing a flow of incredible, raw energies to permeate the celestial mirror, opening the ritual doorway.

The energy released during the ritual was palpable, a swirling vortex of limitless potential that was harnessed to plant the seeds of intentions; dreams destined to blossom in the light that followed.

As the sun's corona became visible, a symbol of the mystery of alchemical light in darkness, a wave of energy flooded the Temple. The ritual then concluded with an invocation of celestial alignment and dedication to the ancient gods for their blessings  on all those who participated in this unique magickal event.

Together, we embraced the cosmic mysteries, drawing down its potent powers to catalyze positive change within and around us.

As we move forward, carrying the magic of this solar eclipse within, let us hold fast to the magickal connections we've forged within ourselves as they grow into the manifestations of our deepest desires.

Remember, the magic of today is not confined to moments of celestial alignment but exists in the continuous cycle of growth, challenge, and renewal.

Let the memories of today's solar eclipse serve as a beacon during times of darkness, a reminder of the light that is ever present, guiding us on our journey.

Until we gather again under the stars, may your path be illuminated with the wisdom, love, and power experienced today.

Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey. 


The Fractal Doorway of Apep X Solar Eclipse 2024 Ritual took place in front of our Starfire Temple.

Here are some pics and video.



🐉2024: Embracing the Power and Mystique of the Year of the Dragon 🐉 January 09 2024, 0 Comments

The year 2024 is known as the Year of the Dragon according to the Chinese zodiac, a 12-year astrological cycle, with each year being represented by a specific animal and its reputed attributes. The Dragon is the fifth animal in the cycle. In Chinese culture, the Dragon is seen as a powerful and auspicious symbol, associated with strength, good fortune, and vitality.

Characteristics of the Dragon Year:

  1. Energy and Ambition: The Dragon year is often associated with high energy and ambition. It's seen as a good year to start new projects or businesses, take bold risks, and make significant changes in life.
  2. Innovation and Growth: Dragons are seen as innovative and driven, so 2024 might inspire creativity and rapid development in various areas, including technology, art, and business.
  3. Prosperity and Good Luck: The Dragon is considered the most auspicious and powerful of the Chinese zodiac animals, often bringing prosperity and good fortune.
  4. Intensity and Passion: The year of the Dragon can also bring intense emotions and passionate responses. It might be a year with heightened feelings in personal relationships and global affairs.
  5. Leadership and Influence: Dragons are seen as natural leaders. In 2024, there may be a focus on leadership in various fields, with individuals feeling more inclined to take charge and influence others.

Global and Personal Impacts:

  • On a global scale, the Dragon year can signify periods of significant innovation and grandiose projects. There might be bold moves in international politics, a surge in groundbreaking technological advancements, and significant cultural shifts.
  • For individuals, the energy of the Dragon year can bring increased confidence, motivation, and a desire for self-expression. It's often seen as a favorable year for personal growth, career development, and financial investments.

Cultural Celebrations:

  • The start of the Year of the Dragon is marked by Lunar New Year celebrations, which are rich in traditions and customs. These celebrations include family gatherings, feasts, fireworks, and various rituals aimed at bringing good luck and fortune in the coming year.
  • The Dragon is also celebrated through art, dance (such as the dragon dance), and decorations, symbolizing the power and benevolence of this mythical creature.

Cautions for the Dragon Year:

  • While the Dragon year is associated with growth and power, it also cautions against overconfidence or recklessness. The ambitious Dragon energy can sometimes lead to unrealistic expectations or conflicts if not balanced with careful planning and consideration of others.

2024 as the Year of the Dragon in the Chinese zodiac is expected to be a time of dynamic energy, growth, and transformation. It's a year that traditionally favors bold actions and big dreams, while also reminding us of the need for careful planning and balance. 🐉

People born in the following years are typically associated with the Year of the Dragon:

  • 1904
  • 1916
  • 1928
  • 1940
  • 1952
  • 1964
  • 1976
  • 1988
  • 2000
  • 2012
  • 2024

If you were born in one of these years, you are considered to be born in the Year of the Dragon according to the Chinese Zodiac.

Each of these Dragon years is also associated with one of the five elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water), which adds further dimension to the zodiac's characteristics.

For example, 2024 is the Year of the Wood Dragon. 🐉

As we embrace the mystique and power of 2024, The Year of the Dragon, we cordially invite you to participate in the "Cosmic Dragon 2024 Blessing Ritual." Join us in a celebratory ceremony where we connect with the ancient energies of the Dragon, seeking guidance, prosperity, and harmony for the year ahead. This ritual is a unique opportunity to align with the cosmic forces, embrace your inner strength, and set powerful intentions for a transformative year. 🐉

Check out the link below for more info:


🧿 The Lore, Power and Use of Spellbound Talisman Jewelry ☽˚。⋆ December 18 2023, 0 Comments

Throughout history, talismans have been crafted, revered, and used for their perceived abilities to influence the natural world, protect against harm, and bring about change. 

13th Abyss of the Moon Pentagram Halloween 2023 Ritual November 02 2023, 0 Comments

Halloween 2023 was a night of illuminating primal witchcraft .

A secret Lunar doorway was opened to empower the ritual celebrants with the incarnation of their deepest desires.

Realities merged as the frequencies of the 13th Abyss echoed throughout the Starfire Temple orchestrating the future realities of the envisioned "Is To Be".

We thank all the participants who have joined us this year, and we eagerly anticipate continuing our journey together on the path of magick.

Here are some photos and a short video of the The 13th Abyss of the Moon Pentagram Ritual event in our Starfire Temple. 

✣ 𝕬𝖇𝖔𝖚𝖙 𝖔𝖚𝖗 𝕽𝖎𝖙𝖚𝖆𝖑𝖘 ✣

We briefly show only the preliminary stages in our media posts.

The actual ritual is never meant to be publicly seen as it involves the calling up of magickal forces in a highly charged, ritually sealed environment using invocations and magickal formulae whose secrecy is their power.

This protects both our clients and ourselves.


⛧Walpurgisnacht: A Night of Ritual and Revelation at our Starfire Temple May 02 2023, 0 Comments

Walpurgisnacht, a name that resonates with a sense of the arcane and mystical, is celebrated with particular reverence within the occult community. Derived from the old Germanic festival marking the eve of May Day, it has since been enveloped in a rich tapestry of folklore and tradition. Today, it is celebrated on the last night of April, a time when the thinning veil between the physical and spiritual realms becomes almost translucent, permitting an unprecedented communion with the spirit world.

The Mystical Night at our Starfire Temple

Last night, Starfire Temple was bathed in an aura of anticipation and otherworldly energy, as we prepared to observe the time-honored ritual of Walpurgisnacht. The temple, our sanctuary nestled away from the world's mundane clamor, had been meticulously prepared for this sacred observance. The central altar was adorned with an array of candles, awaiting the moment they would lend their flames to our spiritual exploration.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, surrendering the world to the night's dominion, the air grew thick with an electricity. As the first candle was lit, its flame leaped up - a beacon in the darkness, initiating the night's proceedings.

The multitude of candles created a mesmerizing constellation of light, their flickering shadows dancing on the temple walls, mimicking the ethereal ballet of the spirits we were about to invite.

The ritual began with an incantation, our voices blending into a powerful mantra that pulsed in the heart of the temple. We called upon the spirits, inviting them to join our celebration, to partake in this exchange of wisdom and experience. As the chants grew, so did the intensity of the candles' glow, their flames resonating with our collective energy.

Gradually, the atmosphere shifted. A silence fell upon us, but it was not empty. It was filled with a sense of presence, of subtle whispers echoing from the unseen world. The veil had thinned, and we were no longer alone.

The communication with the spirit world is an experience hard to articulate. It's not a conversation in the conventional sense. Rather, it's a profound understanding, a silent exchange of energy, ideas, and emotions. An intuitive sense of connection that transcends spoken language. The room was brimming with revelations, messages from the spirits that brought wisdom, guidance, and personal insights.

Walpurgisnacht at our Starfire Temple was not merely an observation of tradition but a profound spiritual experience. It served as a reminder of the unseen energies and entities that exist alongside us, and the wisdom and guidance they can offer when we open ourselves to their communication.

As we step into the month of May, we carry this experience in our hearts, a beacon of light guiding us on our individual and collective spiritual journeys. Until next Walpurgisnacht, may the wisdom of the spirits continue to illuminate our paths.

Here are some photos and a video from this incredible celebration:




✣The Seven Stages of Alchemy 𓂀𓆙 April 07 2023, 0 Comments

Alchemy is an ancient art that has fascinated and mystified scholars, philosophers, and seekers of knowledge for centuries. While its origins can be traced back to Hellenistic Egypt, it has been practiced and studied throughout the world, influencing various esoteric traditions. Though often associated with the pursuit of turning base metals into gold or discovering the elixir of life, alchemy's deeper meaning lies in the spiritual transformation and enlightenment of the practitioner. In this blog post, we will explore the seven stages of alchemy, which serve as a guide to understanding this complex and fascinating process.

  1. Calcination

Calcination, the first stage of alchemy, represents the initial breakdown of the ego and the burning away of impurities. It is often symbolized by fire, as it involves the destruction of old patterns, beliefs, and attachments to material possessions. This stage helps us let go of the superficial and the unnecessary, allowing us to focus on our true spiritual essence.

  1. Dissolution

Dissolution follows calcination and is associated with the element of water. It represents the process of dissolving the barriers between the conscious and unconscious mind, allowing for a deeper understanding of our emotions and innermost desires. In this stage, we confront and accept our suppressed emotions, ultimately leading to a sense of emotional freedom and a better understanding of ourselves.

  1. Separation

The third stage of alchemy, separation, involves isolating the valuable elements that have emerged from the previous two stages. This stage symbolizes the need for discernment and the ability to differentiate between what is useful and what is not. By separating the valuable from the worthless, we refine our spiritual essence and prepare for the next stage of transformation.

  1. Conjunction

In conjunction, the fourth stage, we merge the purified elements from the previous stages into a new, balanced state of being. This stage is marked by the unification of opposites, such as the masculine and feminine energies within ourselves, leading to a sense of wholeness and harmony. Conjunction invites us to embrace our newfound wisdom and integrate it into our daily lives.

  1. Fermentation

Fermentation is the fifth stage of alchemy and represents a spiritual rebirth. It is often symbolized by the process of decay and new growth in nature. In this stage, we introduce new spiritual energies that have the power to transform our consciousness. The process of fermentation brings about a renewed sense of inspiration and creativity, enabling us to move forward on our spiritual journey with renewed vigor.

  1. Distillation

The sixth stage, distillation, involves further purification and refinement of our consciousness. This stage is associated with the element of air and symbolizes the need for ongoing spiritual growth and development. Through distillation, we refine our spiritual essence, stripping away any lingering impurities or attachments that may hinder our progress toward enlightenment.

  1. Coagulation

The final stage of alchemy, coagulation, represents the manifestation of the purified consciousness in the physical world. It is often symbolized by the Philosopher's Stone, a mythical substance said to possess the power of transmutation and immortality. In this stage, the practitioner embodies their spiritual wisdom and divine nature, becoming a living testament to the transformative power of alchemy.


The seven stages of alchemy serve as a powerful roadmap for spiritual transformation and enlightenment. By embracing the principles of alchemy and undertaking the journey through these stages, we can attain a deeper understanding of ourselves, our place in the universe, and our connection to the divine. As we navigate the challenges and revelations of this transformative process, we ultimately discover our true nature and unlock our limitless potential.

✣Unveiling the Hidden Meaning of Baphomet 𓂀𓆙 March 26 2023, 0 Comments

Baphomet has been associated with the occult since the medieval period. Often depicted as a winged, goat-headed figure with androgynous features, Baphomet represents the synthesis of opposites, the union of cosmic forces, and the reconciliation of apparent contradictions. Its history and symbolism are quite complex, with roots in various religious and philosophical traditions.

The name "Baphomet" is believed to have originated in the 12th century, during the time of the Crusades, when the Knights Templar encountered Islamic cultures in the Middle East. Some scholars suggest that "Baphomet" is derived from "Muhammad," the Prophet of Islam, which was mispronounced and distorted by the Crusaders as "Mahomet" or "Baphomet." However, this theory is not universally accepted.

In 1307, the Knights Templar were accused of heresy, and one of the charges against them was the worship of a mysterious idol called Baphomet. The image of Baphomet that we know today is primarily derived from the 19th-century French occultist Eliphas Lévi's illustration in his book "Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie" (1854). Lévi's Baphomet was a symbol of the universal "Absolute," embodying the harmony of opposing forces.

The symbol of Baphomet has several key elements:

  1. Androgyny: Baphomet's human-like figure combines both male and female characteristics, representing the union of masculine and feminine energies. This reflects the concept of duality and balance in nature and the cosmos.

  2. Goat's Head: The goat is an ancient symbol of fertility, life force, and earthly desires. In some cultures, it was also associated with the Devil or demonic forces. The goat's head on Baphomet represents the primal instincts and the material aspects of existence.

  3. Wings: Baphomet's wings symbolize the spiritual or transcendent aspect of being, illustrating the dual nature of existence as both material and spiritual.

  4. Torch: The torch between Baphomet's horns represents knowledge, enlightenment, and the pursuit of truth. It is also a phallic symbol, emphasizing the fertility aspect of the symbol.

  5. Caduceus: The staff with intertwined serpents, known as a caduceus, is a symbol of harmony, healing, and the union of opposing forces. It represents the balancing of polarities such as male and female, good and evil, and spiritual and material.

  6. Latin Inscriptions: The inscriptions "SOLVE" and "COAGULA" on Baphomet's arms are alchemical terms, meaning "dissolve" and "coagulate" respectively. They symbolize the process of transformation, the breaking down of old forms, and the creation of new ones. 

Baphomet's demonic appearance can be misleading and has led to misconceptions about its meaning and purpose. When analyzed in the context of the various esoteric traditions from which it draws its symbolism, it becomes clear that Baphomet is not an embodiment of evil or malevolence, but a representation of the intricate balance of opposites and the reconciliation of dualities that define the human experience and the natural world.

The androgynous nature of Baphomet symbolizes the union of masculine and feminine energies, emphasizing the importance of balance and harmony in human life and nature. This aspect of Baphomet teaches us that both masculine and feminine qualities are essential and complementary, and that they must be integrated to achieve wholeness and spiritual growth.

The combination of animal and human features, as well as material and spiritual elements in Baphomet's depiction, serves to remind us of the interconnectedness and interdependence of all aspects of existence. The goat's head represents primal instincts and the material world, while the wings signify the spiritual realm. This duality reflects the complexity of the human experience, where we constantly navigate the interplay between our physical and spiritual needs.

The torch of illumination between Baphomet's horns symbolizes the pursuit of knowledge and enlightenment, indicating that the path to self-realization requires a balance between reason and intuition, science and spirituality. This further illustrates that Baphomet is not a figure of malevolence but rather a guide towards inner transformation and understanding.

Baphomet's complex symbolism encourages us to embrace the inherent dualities and contradictions within ourselves and the world around us, and to strive for balance, harmony, and self-discovery. By transcending simplistic notions of good and evil, Baphomet serves as a powerful symbol that challenges us to delve deeper into the mysteries of existence and to understand the intricate connections that underlie the human experience and the natural world.

✣Journey Through the Esoteric: A Guide to Different Occult and Mystical Traditions 𓂀𓆙 March 20 2023, 0 Comments

Esoteric traditions refer to a wide range of spiritual, mystical, and occult practices and teachings that are intended for a select group of individuals who are initiated or have a deeper understanding of the hidden or secret aspects of reality. These traditions often involve the use of symbolism, ritual, meditation, and various other practices to help the individual attain higher levels of consciousness, spiritual insight, and wisdom.

Esoteric traditions are often associated with mystery schools, secret societies, and occult groups, although they can also be found in various religious and spiritual traditions. They often emphasize the importance of personal experience and direct revelation, rather than relying solely on dogma or external authority.

Some of the key characteristics of esoteric traditions include a focus on inner transformation, the use of symbolic language and imagery, the exploration of hidden or mystical aspects of reality, and the cultivation of personal spiritual practices and disciplines. Here are some of the most widely recognized esoteric traditions:

  1. Hermeticism: This tradition is based on the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus, a legendary figure in ancient Greek and Egyptian mythology. Hermeticism emphasizes the idea of "as above, so below," which suggests that the microcosm reflects the macrocosm, and vice versa. Hermeticists also study alchemy, astrology, and other forms of esoteric knowledge.

  2. Alchemy: Alchemy is an esoteric tradition that emerged in the Middle Ages and was concerned with the transmutation of base metals into gold and the search for the Philosopher's Stone, a mystical substance that was believed to confer immortality. It also refers to the transmutation of the self, or the process of spiritual purification and transformation. Alchemy is associated with the use of symbols and the practice of meditation and ritual. Alchemy emphasizes the importance of symbolism and ritual, and involves a deep understanding of the natural world and the principles of chemistry.

  3. Kabbalah: This Jewish mystical tradition emphasizes the study of the Tree of Life, which is a symbolic diagram of the universe and the human psyche. Kabbalists believe that there are multiple levels of reality, and that by understanding the structure of the universe, one can attain greater spiritual awareness and connection with the divine.

  4. Gnosticism: This tradition emphasizes the importance of direct spiritual experience, and the idea that there is hidden knowledge that can only be accessed through personal revelation. Gnostics also believe in the concept of a divine spark within each individual, which can be cultivated through spiritual practices such as meditation and prayer.

  5. Thelema: Founded by Aleister Crowley in the early 20th century. Thelema is a religious and philosophical system that emphasizes personal freedom and individualism. It is centered around the idea of "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law," which is interpreted as meaning that individuals should follow their true will or destiny. Thelemites also emphasize the importance of personal freedom and individual responsibility, and practice ceremonial magick as a means of spiritual development.

  6. Theosophy: An esoteric tradition that emerged in the late 19th century, and was founded by the writer and spiritual teacher Helena Blavatsky. Theosophy seeks to unify the teachings of all religions and spiritual traditions into a comprehensive system of knowledge. Theosophy also emphasizes the idea of reincarnation, karma, and the unity of all beings. .......................................
  7. Rosicrucianism: This is a spiritual and philosophical tradition that emerged in Europe in the 17th century. It is based on the teachings of a mythical figure called Christian Rosenkreuz and emphasizes the importance of spiritual development and enlightenment. Rosicrucians believe in the existence of a secret order of initiates who possess esoteric knowledge and who work to bring about the spiritual transformation of humanity.

  8. Shamanism: This is a diverse set of traditions that is found in many different cultures around the world. Shamanism emphasizes the importance of connecting with the spirits of nature, and often involves the use of ritual practices such as drumming, chanting, and plant medicine.

  9. Taoism: This is a Chinese philosophical and spiritual tradition that emphasizes the importance of living in harmony with the natural world. Taoism teaches that there is a universal force or energy called the Tao that permeates all things and that individuals can cultivate this force through various practices such as meditation, qigong, and tai chi.

  10. Sufism: This is a mystical tradition within Islam that emphasizes the importance of direct experience of the divine. Sufism places a great emphasis on the use of music, poetry, and dance as means of achieving spiritual ecstasy and union with the divine. Sufis believe in the existence of a hierarchy of spiritual masters who can guide individuals on their spiritual path.

    These are just a few of the many esoteric traditions that exist in the world. Each of these traditions offers a unique perspective on the nature of reality and the spiritual path. By exploring these different traditions, we can gain a greater understanding of ourselves and our place in the universe. Whether we choose to follow one particular tradition or draw from many, the esoteric path offers a wealth of wisdom and insight for those who seek it. The study and practice of esoteric traditions can provide a rich and transformative path for spiritual growth and personal development. By exploring these traditions, we can gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us, and cultivate a greater sense of connection with the divine.    

🕯✣Unlock the Power of Candle Magick: The Ultimate Guide to Manifesting Your Desires𓂀 March 04 2023, 0 Comments

Are you looking for a powerful and effective way to enhance your manifestation abilities and attract positive energy into your life? Look no further than candle magick! Candle magick has been used for centuries to help individuals manifest their desires, protect themselves from negative energy, and overcome obstacles in their lives. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of candle magick and introduce you to some of the most popular and effective candle spells.

One of the primary benefits of candle magick is its ability to attract positive energy and enhance manifestation abilities. By setting an intention and focusing your energy on a specific desire, you can use candle magick to help bring that desire into your reality.

Candle magick is a versatile form of magick that can be used in combination with other forms of magick, such as crystal magick or herbal magick, to enhance their effectiveness. It allows you to choose from a wide variety of candle colors and scents, each of which has its own unique energy and properties. This makes it easy to customize your candle spell to suit your specific needs and desires.

By performing a candle spell, you are taking an active role in manifesting your desires and taking control of your life. This can provide a powerful sense of empowerment and help you to build confidence in your ability to create positive change in your life.

Candle magick can be used for a wide variety of intentions, including love, money, protection, healing, and more. This versatility makes it a highly effective form of spellcasting that can be used to address many different aspects of your life.

One of our most popular candle spells to attract positive energy is the Luck Attractor Candle Spell. This spell is designed to help you attract good luck and positive energy into your life, and can be used for a variety of purposes, from enhancing your career to improving your personal relationships.

Another powerful benefit of candle magick is its ability to protect against negative energy and remove obstacles from your path. One popular candle spell for removing negative energy is the Evil Eye Destroyer Candle Spell. This spell is designed to help protect you from the negative energy of others, and can be especially useful if you feel that you are being targeted by negative energy or have encountered a streak of bad luck. The Conquer All Obstacles Candle Spell is another powerful spell that can be used to help remove obstacles from your path and overcome challenges in your life.

Candle magick can also be used to fulfill your deepest wishes and desires. The True Wish Fulfillment Candle Spell is a powerful way to manifest your desires and bring your dreams into reality. Whether you are seeking love, abundance, or spiritual growth, this spell can help you achieve your goals and fulfill your true desires.

Another important benefit of candle magick is its ability to protect against psychic attacks and negative energy. The Psychic Attack Protect and Reverse Candle Spell is a powerful way to protect yourself from negative energy and psychic attacks, and can be used to help neutralize negative energy that is directed toward you.

If you are seeking a soulmate or looking to attract a new romantic partner, the Soulmate Caller Candle Spell is a powerful way to attract love into your life. This spell is designed to help you connect with your soulmate and attract the love and companionship you desire.

Candle magick can also be used to improve your self-confidence and empower yourself. The Self-Confidence Candle Spell is a powerful way to help you feel more confident and self-assured, and can be used to help you overcome feelings of self-doubt or insecurity.

If you are seeking success in business or financial matters, the Way of Wealth Business Success Candle Spell is a powerful way to attract abundance and prosperity into your life. This spell is designed to help you overcome financial obstacles and achieve success in your business or career.

It's important to note that the effects of candle magick can be accumulative, meaning that the more you use it, the stronger the effects become. This is because the energy and intention that you put into your candle spells build upon each other over time, creating a powerful energetic momentum that can help you to manifest your desires more quickly and easily.

By incorporating candle magick into your daily or weekly routine, you can create a consistent energetic vibration that attracts positive outcomes and helps to keep you in alignment with your goals. Whether you're using candle spells to attract abundance, love, success, or protection, the more you use them, the more powerful and effective they become.

So if you're looking to make positive changes in your life, consider incorporating candle magick into your daily routine. With consistent use, you'll be able to tap into the power of the universe and create the life you've always dreamed of.

Below you'll find some pics of candle magick rituals we have done for our clients in our Starfire Temple. 

Additional photos can be viewed on our Instagram page @

To view videos go to our YouTube Channel at the link below:

"I've been using the Conquer all Obstacles candle spell for a few months now and have seen amazing results. I was struggling with financial issues and felt like I was never going to get ahead. After using this candle, I received a promotion at work and my finances have completely turned around. I'm so grateful for this powerful service." -- Peter H.

"I was skeptical at first, but after using The Ministry of Magic Candle Spells for a few weeks, I noticed a significant shift in my energy and my ability to manifest my desires. These candles are truly magical and have helped me to attract abundance, love, and success into my life." -- Andrea M.

"The Psychic attack protect and Reverse candle spell has been a lifesaver for me. I was struggling with negative energy from a coworker and was feeling drained and exhausted all the time. After using this candle service, I felt a noticeable change and was able to protect myself from these psychic attacks. I'm so grateful for your help. Thank you Lady Margaret and Rev. Michael for your continued support. Blessings to you both." -- Alex C.

 Why not try our candle magick today and experience the benefits for yourself ? 

✣The Serpent's Secrets of Money 𓆙 February 25 2023, 0 Comments

Money is a fascinating topic in the occult world, as it is not just a physical object, but also a symbol that holds significant esoteric meaning. From the earliest days of civilization, money has played an important role in human society, shaping our culture and influencing our spiritual beliefs. In this article, we will explore the occult secrets and symbols of money, shedding light on this enigmatic force that pervades our daily lives.

One of the most important things to understand about money is that it is not just a piece of paper or a digital currency, but a representation of energy. As Manly P. Hall, an influential esoteric author and philosopher, once said: "Money is a symbol of power, which is itself a symbol of energy."

This idea of energy is central to many occult traditions, including the practice of magic. In order to manifest our desires, we must harness and direct the energy of the universe, and money is often seen as a means to that end. By focusing our intent on wealth and abundance, we can tap into the energetic currents that flow through the cosmos, using money as a tool to achieve our goals.

But how exactly do we unlock the occult secrets of money? One approach is to examine the symbols and imagery that surround it, looking for hidden meanings and deeper truths. For example, the image of the pyramid on the back of the US dollar bill is a powerful symbol in occult circles, representing the ancient wisdom of the Egyptian pharaohs and the divine power of the cosmos. Similarly, the all-seeing eye at the top of the pyramid is a symbol of spiritual awakening and the quest for knowledge.

Another important symbol in the world of money is the serpent, which appears in various forms in many different cultures. In ancient Egypt, the serpent was associated with the goddess Wadjet, who was believed to protect the pharaoh and ensure his prosperity. In Hindu mythology, the serpent Kundalini is a powerful force of spiritual transformation, representing the awakening of the divine energy within us.

Understanding these symbols and their meanings can help us tap into the deeper forces that govern the universe and our place in it. By incorporating them into our magical practice, we can harness the energy of money and use it to manifest our desires, whether that be wealth, abundance, or spiritual growth.

So, what are some practical steps we can take to apply these occult secrets to our lives? Here are a few ideas:

  • Meditate on the symbols and imagery associated with money, using them to focus your intent and connect with the universal energy that surrounds us.
  • Create sigils or talismans that incorporate these symbols, using them as a way to manifest your desires and attract abundance into your life.
  • Work with deities or spirits that are associated with wealth and prosperity, asking for their guidance and assistance in your magical workings.
  • Practice gratitude and generosity, recognizing that the flow of energy in the universe is not just about receiving, but also about giving.

Money is not just a mundane object, but a symbol of power, energy, and possibility. By unlocking the occult secrets and symbols of money, we can tap into the deeper forces that govern our lives, and use them to manifest our desires and achieve our goals. As Manly P. Hall said, "Money is not evil in itself; it is simply energy, which can be used either constructively or destructively." It is up to us to choose how we use this powerful force, and to harness its energy for the betterment of ourselves and the world around us.

The Kybalion: Applying the 7 Hermetic Principles in Your Life February 15 2023, 0 Comments


The Kybalion is a seminal work on Hermetic philosophy that explores the principles that govern the universe and our place in it. At its core are the seven Hermetic principles, which are a set of guidelines for understanding the workings of the universe and applying that knowledge to our own lives. In this blog post, we'll explore these seven principles in depth and provide practical tips for applying them in your own life.

  1. The Law of Mentalism: The Law of Mentalism states that the universe is a mental creation, and everything that exists is a product of the mind. To apply this principle in your own life, focus on cultivating a positive, abundant mindset. Visualize the life you want to create and believe that it is possible. Your thoughts and beliefs have the power to shape your reality, so make sure they are aligned with your goals and desires.

  2. The Law of Correspondence: The Law of Correspondence suggests that there are patterns and connections between all things in the universe. To apply this principle in your life, practice seeing the connections between seemingly disparate things. Look for the underlying patterns and relationships that exist in your own life, and use that knowledge to make more informed decisions.

  3. The Law of Vibration: The Law of Vibration states that everything in the universe vibrates at a certain frequency, and these vibrations can influence the material world. To apply this principle, focus on raising your own vibration by doing things that make you feel good. This could include practicing gratitude, spending time in nature, or listening to uplifting music. When you raise your vibration, you become more aligned with the positive energies of the universe, and you attract more of what you want into your life.

  4. The Law of Polarity: The Law of Polarity states that everything has an opposite, and these opposites are necessary for each other's existence. To apply this principle, practice seeing the positive in every situation. Even when things seem difficult or challenging, there is always a lesson to be learned or a silver lining to be found. By embracing the polarity of life, you can learn to navigate its ups and downs with greater ease.

  5. The Law of Rhythm: The Law of Rhythm suggests that everything in the universe moves in cycles and has its own rhythm. To apply this principle, pay attention to the natural rhythms of your own life. Notice the ebb and flow of your energy levels, and adjust your activities accordingly. By working with your own natural rhythms, you can optimize your productivity and achieve greater balance in your life.

  6. The Law of Cause and Effect: The Law of Cause and Effect states that everything that happens in the universe is a result of some cause that preceded it. To apply this principle, take responsibility for your own actions and their consequences. Recognize that you have the power to create your own reality, and make choices that align with your goals and values. By being mindful of the causes you set in motion, you can create a more intentional and fulfilling life.

  7. The Law of Gender: The Law of Gender suggests that everything in the universe has both masculine and feminine aspects, and these aspects are necessary for creation. To apply this principle, cultivate a balance of masculine and feminine energies in your own life. This could mean nurturing your creative side, or taking assertive action towards your goals. By embracing both aspects of yourself, you can tap into your full potential and create the life you truly want.

The Kybalion and the seven Hermetic principles provide a powerful framework for understanding the nature of the universe and our place in it. By applying these principles to our own lives, we can tap into the power of the universe and create the life we truly want. Whether you are looking to improve your relationships, increase your abundance, or simply deepen your understanding of the world, the seven Hermetic principles offer a wealth of insights and practical tips for making positive changes in your life.

✣ The Genesis Arcanum New Years 2023 Kabbalah Ritual ✣ January 23 2023, 0 Comments

Here are some photos and a short video of the The Kabbalah 2023 Ritual event in our Starfire Temple. 

For more photos, videos and insights follow us on Social Media.

Links can be found on our Home Page.

✣ 𝕬𝖇𝖔𝖚𝖙 𝖔𝖚𝖗 𝕽𝖎𝖙𝖚𝖆𝖑𝖘 ✣

We briefly show only the preliminary stages in our media posts.

The actual ritual is never meant to be publicly seen as it involves the calling up of magickal forces in a highly charged, ritually sealed environment using invocations and magickal formulae whose secrecy is their power.

This protects both our clients and ourselves. 


✣ The 23 Enigma 𓂀𓆙 January 05 2023, 0 Comments

"Imposition of Order = Escalation of Chaos."


2/3=.666, the number of the Beast.

It takes 23 seconds for blood to circulate through the human body.

In the act of conception, male and female each contribute 23 chromosomes.

The human biorhythm cycle is 23 days.

In both Ancient Sumeria and Egypt , July 23, when Sirius rises behind the sun, was the beginning of the new year.

Julius Cesar was stabbed 23 times.

The letter W is 23rd in the alphabet and has two points down and three points up ( look at your keyboard 23 is above W )

The original STAR TREK was set in the 23rd century, so is BABYLON 5.

The first prime number in which both digits are primes and add up to another prime is 23.

The address of the Freemason lodge in Stafford, England, is 23 Jaol Road. In New York City, it's on 23rd Street.

And so on...

Welcome to the 23. January 02 2023, 0 Comments

Welcome to 2023.
Buckle up, for this is the year we find out just how deep the rabbit hole goes.
The next 12 months will be a fractal rollercoaster ride through a labyrinth of strange dimensions and inverse angles as we see the machinations of the 23 current guiding us to the Grail hidden beyond the doors of Chapel Perilous.
The illuminatingly dark riddle of reality itself will be laid bare at our feet, staring at us with the tempting eyes of the Serpent.
Strange synchronicities will connect discordant puzzle pieces as reality is re-mixed to a rhythm reminiscent of ancient futures.

⛧13th Abyss of the Moon Pentagram Halloween 2022 Ritual⛧ November 01 2022, 0 Comments

Halloween 2022 was a night of illuminating primal witchcraft .

A secret Lunar doorway was opened to empower the ritual celebrants with the incarnation of their deepest desires.

Realities merged as the frequencies of the 13th Abyss echoed throughout the Starfire Temple orchestrating the future realities of the envisioned "Is To Be".

Here are some photos and a short video of the The 13th Abyss of the Moon Pentagram Ritual event in our Starfire Temple. 

✣ 𝕬𝖇𝖔𝖚𝖙 𝖔𝖚𝖗 𝕽𝖎𝖙𝖚𝖆𝖑𝖘 ✣

We briefly show only the preliminary stages in our media posts.

The actual ritual is never meant to be publicly seen as it involves the calling up of magickal forces in a highly charged, ritually sealed environment using invocations and magickal formulae whose secrecy is their power.

This protects both our clients and ourselves. 


✣ 8/8/2022 LION'S GATE PORTAL Sirian Vortex Event Ritual ✣ August 12 2022, 0 Comments


Last Monday Aug. 8, 2022 the Leo sun and the bright star Sirius have created an annual cosmic alignment known as the Lion’s Gate Portal. This spiritual vibe has been amplified even more intensely this year, thanks to the amazing Sirian Vortex. Between these stellar events and the numerology behind the number eight, August 8 (or 8/8) was set to be one of the luckiest days of 2022.
We have performed a limited number of rituals for our clients aligning them with the incredible powers of the Sirian Vortex.
Here are some photos and a short video from the Ritual Event in our Temple.
Our Lion's Gate Portal Event Ritual opened powerful gateways of manifestation for our clients.

About our Rituals

We briefly show only the preliminary stages in our media posts. The actual ritual is never meant to be publicly seen as it involves the calling up of magical forces in a highly charged, ritually sealed environment using invocations and magical formulae whose secrecy is their power.  This protects both our clients and ourselves. 

⛥6-6-6 MAGICK of the ANCIENT GODS Planetary Event ⛧ June 09 2022, 0 Comments


Monday, 06/06/2022 was  the day the planets and the numbers aligned opening a doorway to the Ancient Gods and their incredible magical powers.

06/06/ 2=2=2/=6.

6-6-6 is a master Venusian formula of magical self-love. Serving yourself serves others.

This is a powerful inner alchemy. 

In honor of this most magickal day  we have performed a limited number of rituals for our clients  aligning them with the incredible powers of this planetary gateway.

Here are some photos and a short video from the Ritual Event in our Temple. Our 6-6-6 Magick of the Ancient Gods Planetary Ritual was a huge success.

The Starfire Temple was electrified with the presence of these ancient forces. A truly magickal night. 

About our Rituals

We briefly show only the preliminary stages in our media posts. The actual ritual is never meant to be publicly seen as it involves the calling up of magical forces in a highly charged, ritually sealed environment using invocations and magical formulae whose secrecy is their power.  This protects both our clients and ourselves. 



All candles have been cleansed, prepared with magickal oils, herbs and gemstones and sigilized with magickal formulas known only to us.

⬆️Our Starfire Temple Altar⬆️

⛤Walpurgisnacht 2022⛧was a ✮✥Supernatural Cosmic Event✥✮ May 02 2022, 0 Comments

What an incredibly magickal night. This year's Walpurgisnacht, was intense. We started the ritual just before midnight and it had taken us about 2 hours to complete. We thank all the participants for being a part of this powerful Cosmic Blessing Event. We look forward to next year’s Walpurgisnacht ritual celebration with you again.

Take a rare look at a few pics and video from our Temple Altar:

⛤⛧ WHAT IS MAGICK AND HOW DOES IT WORK?⛧⛤ October 25 2012, 0 Comments

“Reality is what we take to be true.
What we take to be true is what we believe.
What we believe is based upon our perceptions.
What we perceive depends upon what we look for.
What we look for depends on what we think.
What we think depends on what we perceive.
What we perceive determines what we believe.
What we believe determines what we take to be true.
What we take to be true is our reality." 
                                   David Bohm -Physicist
Magick is what YOU believe it to be. Regardless of the definitions proffered, they must still be channeled through your lens of perception or reality tunnel.
Whether you believe Magick can perform seeming impossibilities or is a complete waste of your time, YOU get to be right.
You must prove to yourself that YOU are worth taking a chance on.

  "Any suitably advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" - Scientist and author - Arthur C. Clark

Magick is an advanced technology that allows us to imprint our energetic intentions on the atomic structure which underlies material reality.
In an account published in 1967, Professor Remy Chauvin of Strasbourg University, described how he and his laboratory technicians experimented with an atom of uranium, to see if they could influence the rate of disintegration, with mind power alone.Despite their purpose for the experiment, the Professor and his men were astounded to discover when they checked the rate, that they had actually succeeded! The rate of atomic disintegration had been slowed.They repeated the experiment for 15 days with different personnel,... the result was always the same,regardless of who was doing the 'thinking'! The tests were then done all over again,by other physicists.This time they used more modern and intricate equipment and a more complicated strontium atom. The results were still the same and they were forced to concede that the human mind actually controlled atomic processes! “  

Magick like energy is a neutral force which operates independently of the infantile distinctions of Black and White. 
What a travesty to try and limit the energetic arm of Consciousness to such drab one-dimensional choices.
The ALL is One expressed through the many, yet All is One. 
The false moralistic distinctions which seem to be the rage among the uninformed will only serve to render the practitioner impotent at best.
You must ask yourself who is really served by keeping you in such a disposition of powerlessness and confusion.
It certainly isn't you.
Our Magick works because it is ALLOWED to work just as it was in ancient times before the advent of Cartesian dualism.
Black, White, and Everywhere in between we tread.
As Above, So Below.
~ Solve et Coagula.~
Centuries ago, you called upon Thoth or Hecate and they came. No surprise. This was the natural flow of the Tao.
When we call upon Hecate, Set, Lilith or Samael; they reveal themselves. Nothing has changed.
We are Spellcasters and Sorcerous Adepts of the Magickal Arts.
Visionaries and Channels of the Ancient Ones.
Our decades of combined experience in some of the most Secretive and Powerful Occult Brotherhoods and Societies
is exemplified in the Rites we offer , which are only a small sampling of what we offer in our private consultations.
We call forth Archangels and Dark Angels.
Reveal the Shadowed Rites of the Vampyre.
Bind Djinn according to the Ubar Codex  and create Chaos Servitors.
Ancient and  Modern, our Spirit family is Omnipotent in scope.    
We make no apologies for the RESULTS that come from our heritage.
Sorcery is about gaining an unfair advantage over the natural course of events .
Our Magick is not for everyone, nor should it be.
You will know if it speaks to you