🜞 Fractal Doorway of Apep X Solar Eclipse 2024 Mega Ritual 🜞 April 09 2024, 0 Comments

In the world of mysticism and magick, few events hold as much potential for transformation and renewal as a solar eclipse.

On this remarkable day, April 8, 2024, the cosmos aligned in a spectacular dance, cloaking our world in a brief, twilight luminosity.

At the heart of this celestial phenomenon, our Starfire Temple served as a sacred space where we converged to partake in a magical ritual unlike any other.

As the moon's shadow descended upon the earth, veiling the sun's radiant light, the atmosphere around the Starfire Temple vibrated with celestial energies.

The air was charged with incense, uplifting and grounding as it weaved a tapestry of infinite space and its limitless possibilities.

As totality approached, a profound silence enveloped the Temple. In this moment of darkness, the magickal focus turned inward, reaching into the depths of being, touching the core of the magical current and its mysteries.

It was here, in the shadow of the eclipse, that the veil between worlds thinned to gossamer, allowing a flow of incredible, raw energies to permeate the celestial mirror, opening the ritual doorway.

The energy released during the ritual was palpable, a swirling vortex of limitless potential that was harnessed to plant the seeds of intentions; dreams destined to blossom in the light that followed.

As the sun's corona became visible, a symbol of the mystery of alchemical light in darkness, a wave of energy flooded the Temple. The ritual then concluded with an invocation of celestial alignment and dedication to the ancient gods for their blessings  on all those who participated in this unique magickal event.

Together, we embraced the cosmic mysteries, drawing down its potent powers to catalyze positive change within and around us.

As we move forward, carrying the magic of this solar eclipse within, let us hold fast to the magickal connections we've forged within ourselves as they grow into the manifestations of our deepest desires.

Remember, the magic of today is not confined to moments of celestial alignment but exists in the continuous cycle of growth, challenge, and renewal.

Let the memories of today's solar eclipse serve as a beacon during times of darkness, a reminder of the light that is ever present, guiding us on our journey.

Until we gather again under the stars, may your path be illuminated with the wisdom, love, and power experienced today.

Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey. 


The Fractal Doorway of Apep X Solar Eclipse 2024 Ritual took place in front of our Starfire Temple.

Here are some pics and video.