⛤13th Abyss of the Moon Pentagram Halloween 2022 Ritual⛤


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"Among those who understand the darkness which is no darkness to them anymore are those that tread the way of witchcraft. They of their own accord have walked beyond the ring of firelight and learned the paths in the wilderness beyond."

A profound and magical reality exists beyond the world of appearances.

The witchcraft of ages past hidden in the lunar currents of time will be called upon once again through the Moon Pentagram ritual.

 This was a dark and primal craft that wielded immense power to influence the natural course of events through celestial spirits and the elemental forces of nature. 

A doorway will be opened. Spirits will be invoked.

This ritual is an occultic calling forth of the hidden potentialities of your life. 

This releases transformative new energies to positively pattern and shape your future into desired manifestation. 

The Moon Pentagram is a conduit of the divine feminine powers of creation and destruction. 

This power represents a cutting away of the old to stimulate new growth and expansion. 

You will experience a foreword movement from the old place of limitation and lack to open fresh, new, and unrestricted expression and whole-life prosperity. 

This is a powerful magical time to leave behind old fears and restrictive limitations.

In this cleared and cleansed space, creativity, strength and renewed passion will emerge to bless and empower you in all avenues of expression. 

How open are you to receive more than you ever thought possible?

This will be a time of positive change and incredible new opportunities. 

Make this Halloween the turning point you have been waiting for. 

This ritual will be performed on Halloween night and is a direct magical binding. There is nothing being shipped.

Upon completion you will receive an email attachment containing pictures of the ritual with your name prominently displayed on the Starfire Temple altar along with a personalized downloadable digital Moon Pentagram Sigil so you can immediately connect with the powers. 

Please reserve your spot now as they will fill up fast.